In addition to Hamilton, Which other brands watch for your choice?

The United States, a country with a highly integrated, numerous high and new technology industry was born in this country. To the car, small to computer phone headset especially electronic products more deeply into our daily life. watches in the United States, people worn a lot.

A country by advocating innovation inside and out, unlike traditional Swiss watchmakers.

They tend to prefer fashionable collocation. Today we take a look at those American watches!
Pol should be in the United States watch brands in one of the most powerful. Born as a result of railway Bohr most series name is named after the railway. Un51 30ue luminescent display is one of the features of Bohr. The chief railway series wrist watch, using 3 h glow on the micro gas light, can achieve the result of spontaneous light, without the aid of any external energy, luminous time will last 25 years. Actually say simply its luminous principle is similar to the TV screen the principle of light, and from the radiation damage.
Night clearly built on a blue disk trace stripes, huge phases of the moon is located in the center of the dial of the window, a vast Venus ornament on it, as if the dial is a complete piece of the sky. When night falls, real face lights up automatically, the moon hanging in the disk, big and bright, it is to let a person have to love.

Hamilton Hamilton khaki – navy series Skywalker H77525553 mechanical men’s watch
All list price: $7275.00
Hamilton should be the one of the best known mechanical watch brands, perennial cooperation with Hollywood video promotion method has achieved very good, many for the first time know this brand is also seen from the film. Hamilton harvest in a hale and domineering style of many men. The skywalker watches series design inspiration originates from Hamilton early stars the timer.

The market reference price: RMB 2960.00
LuMei, we also is known as the United States military watches brand, especially its seals series wrist watch, is to be a partner with the United States navy seals directly the wrist watch, as a wrist watch, outdoor use enough to qualify. All black watch body and large 44 mm dial, it felt very car-scrapping.

3 eyes timing function is an essential part of a watch of wrist of outdoor skills, at the same time carry Swiss new production of tritium self-luminous tubes, light long, completely on its own, the steady light. The depth of 200 meters of waterproof functions in this price is already very attractive.

Nixon 51 30 series
All list price: $1307.00
Cheap Nixon watches is also established the United States, the price is low, but also equipped with exclusive patent luminous technology. Black disk with yellow digital scale, visual effect is very comforwatches, double inverse jump function indicates the second time zone and date, the end of the second hand specially made round T word patterns, to cater to the  Nixon watches at the beginning of the letter.

The point is, wrist watch equipped with INDIGLO luminous technology, no matter any time, as long as you light according to your head, can trigger the dial light function, and it is the dial can be light, high intensity, long duration, and power consumption is very low, even in the watch battery is about to run out of time, still can trigger this one function, and you can manually to shut it down, rather than pointer emitting more cool!

CK – man Gents series K2Y211C3 Shi Yingnan watches

All list price: $1777.00
When it comes to CK, would you familiarize yourself with its underwear is much larger than a watch it. CK light attitude to life, it also pay more attention to watch adornment effect. The CK watch dial is extremely simple, the same extreme black disk is through different lines, showing a different color.

Left the sun radiation lines clearly and to the right of the frosted plain dial, constitute the asymmetric effect on the vision, color left deep right light, small seconds at 6 plate seems to be split in two. 7 mm thickness of the wrist watch experience brings to the wearer more thin and comforwatches wearing.

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