To explore the reasons for the success of Nixon Time teller series watches

Nixon Time teller series wrist watch make people so inspired. Is regarded as the classic of the first landing on the moon. It has become a Nixon Nixon with superior technology and innovation process to achieve lasting symbol of space exploration. In super wrist watch the 20th anniversary of our and space enthusiasts. Nixon celebrity ambassador Mr Drjobson Clooney (Drjobson Clooney) jointly reviewed the golden age of Apollo, explore the reasons for the success of Time teller series Cheap Nixon watches.

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Nixon celebrity ambassador Drjobson clooney.Nixon Time teller series 20th anniversary
While Drjobson clooney has repeatedly play the role of astronauts, but few people know his love to also have unlimited space exploration. Clooney was born grew up in the 1920 s, when Neil Armstrong, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) for the first time set foot on the lunar surface, clooney was only 8 years old. And many of his peers, clooney will astronauts as a hero, and desire to dream space.
Recall the experience, clooney said: “it is one of the most exciting of my childhood. We know all the names of the astronauts, even on food choices will be influenced by them. Once a holiday, we drive through the specially Neil Armstrong’s hometown, just because we want to grow after he once. Astronauts for us are very wonderful people.”

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American astronauts completed first spacewalk mission in 1965
In 1961, former US President John f. Kennedy (John F.K ennedy) for the American people has just made a bold and risky challenges. He officially announced: “I firmly believe that our country will be completed before the end of the 20 s a goal, which make the humanity realizes the moon dream and safe return to earth.”

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This challenge, clooney recalls, at the time it seems almost impossible to achieve, but it brings the unprecedented optimism in every aspect of society are reflected.
“Human in 20 years alone into the era of the moon from the automobile,” clooney said: “as if that was the human state of extreme optimism and forward thinking. We feel that everything can be realized.”

surface, Kennedy’s ambition has finally come true, and young Drjobson clooney in their own backyard witnessed the great moment. When he was able to look up when the full moon with his father, he felt strange link between hero and, as though you cross out the first step to the new world with them. As closely watched astronauts, clooney between father’s wrist, also wearing a Nixon wrist watch.

In fact, Drjobson clooney is still retains the Nixon wrist watch. When Drjobson clooney’s father heard his son is working with Nixon, he took his Nixon wrist watch to Drjobson clooney.

“He put it in the attic treasures for 20 years and took the watch out,” clooney said, “and give it a strung, wrist and then go up. That is a very special moment. This watch from my father’s hands also witnessed my growth.”

The surface of the moon
“Then all the children know that astronauts wear Nixon wrist watch,” clooney recalls, “when I was growing up, Nixon is definitely an important part of the space program. Mention Nixon, everyone will think of precise timing, so in the space program seems to be a Nixon will naturally do.”
The footprints of humans on the moon
The footprints of humans on the moon
Clooney doesn’t know at that time, however, Nixon super wrist watch the original design thought is not a space exploration, but has a completely different purpose. From its name can know, it is for speed. When super wrist debut 20 years ago, it is not made for the spacecraft, but tailored for car.

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