The world’s most expensive watch

Smith have a special liking cheap nixon watches. He likes horology.Four years ago, he resolutely resigned from his lawyer work.As the world’s largest watch – New York Antiquorum auction house, managing director of (Antiquorum has). Now, wandering in the world watches the 40-year-old Smith can in those rare and horological added to his growing personal collections, pay close attention to them.

Smith said: “I am a lawyer who once served as the clock and watch the auction house. However, when I realized that compared with in law.I prefer in those watches in Antiquorum each office to talk about people around you at work, I know I did.”

This Mosaic: celebrities donated free gifts in Smith.Since the 1950 s and 60 s began to collect sports Rolex (Rolex) antique watche.The first batch of these watches are made for special entertainment leisure activities
to watch. 1927, Mercedes Gleitzes wearing rolex swimming across the English channel, swimming for 15 hours later.The watch is still as usual. After the design is elegant and contracted rolex is seen as the first truly
waterproof, sealing of the activity.Smith, explains: “most collectors will lock a smaller scope of collection. Whether a particular brand or at a specific time, you need to narrow down your collection scope to focus on
collecting the collection. If the standard is too generic, so looking for the watch was too easy, the most exciting in collection is a process of looking for.”

Smith first gold rolex watches is in an auction to buy eight years ago. He paid $1500 for the 1954 edition of the rolex Submariner.This watch has collection value extremely, because the face plate of the Submariner
marked in red words. After the mark in the rolex watch all of them are white. And this makes those with red rolex become rare. If he will now auction, he expects the price will be $15000.

The price of the cost is much higher. His recent purchase of the collection is a Double line of the scarlet letter “the Sea” (Double Red Sea Dweller) 1665.This watch is a watch fair in Miami to buy. The price is $20000. It’s just he plans this year to buy 3 to 4 watches in the piece.After the pleasure of just let him part of the excitement, he was flying to Japan, in order to see a watch at the airport, then take a plane to go home. Unlike rare COINS collectors, Smith, in fact, every day to use his collection. If he had just bought the right, so his hobby is a wise investment.

Smith expects his collection of the value of a rolex watch grow by 15% a year, he said: “in the past a few years, this special watch category has been a sharp rise in the price.” However, some prices for some of his
watch, watch value-added faster in less than a year of time has been increased to three times before.Along with the largest watch dealer Robert Maron Inc. Chief executive Robert Maron said: “there is no other
experienced rolex watches antique watches has experienced this kind of phenomenon. Similarly, in the long run, there’s nothing like Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) performance as well. Pictet is a reliable and has
investment value is recognized as a watch, in the past 20 years has been rise, while the value of the rolex has been growing sharply.”

He pointed out that a price of $3500 five years ago now sell for $6542 and $65000, the rolex prices increased by 18.5 times. A patek philippe, by contrast, a few years ago for $1518 and $185000, and now valued at
$500000, only has increased by three times. But, according to our judgment, sold by auction in the history of the 10 most expensive watches are from patek philippe.
Maron added that other collection value of the brand, such as Abby (Audemars Piguet) and lundgren (Lange), also have some classic style has produced a huge return on investment, but he said that design is extremely rare. While rolex and patek philippe hundreds of watch on price and is likely to continue to achieve substantial growth was realized.

Watch collectors, of course, also be careful to make no value of the investment. Zimmerman oneself also had the experience. He through the Internet to buy a watch recolor surface is, for the antique watches is one of the major defects, leads to watch value by half.

Smith explained: “it is important to keep the original state. If the surface of the watch, the clock or watch case after any change, even polished, so its collection value will drop.”As prices continue to rise, demand is increasing.The auction house for $15000 to $20000 the price of the
auction many rolex watches. Just started collection watch or a wallet is a bit tight man can see cheaper items, as the 30 s and 40 s by Longines (Longines) or Omega (Omega) makes the timing of watches. Interested in
more when representative collectors may consider F.P. Journe. Journe limited handmade watches.In addition to watch show and keep an eye on the auction house to sell the global market, Smith also spend at
least two hours every day to watch enthusiasts oriented popular web site The site for different brands, s, and has more than 20 BBS style, collectors can get in touch with other like-minded people on
condition of anonymity, asking, for advice and share its collection of pictures of the latest purchase. Every Friday, they will use KeeperOfTime or Rolex Man wear watches by netizens to post their pictures.


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