what class is for Nixon watch

Nixon’s famous watch brand, from the United States now has grown to face the young consumer market brand of high-end fashion Cheap Nixon watches and deserve to act the role of the class.


Nixon product design is very bold, subversion of the general population to watch appearance impression, highly stressed self tone, again in HFM with mature flavor is quite by the young people like to watch brand.Below to share under Nixon quartz watch considerations of choose and buy.


Quartz watch allowed error range is + 15 seconds per month. Quartz table driven by the battery energy, when the average battery life is adopted according to watch the movement of the range from 12 to 24 months. Two quartz to dial a minutes fast during calibration, to offset of the gap between magnetic wheels.

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Why two quartz will often find a minutes slow
Because two quartz watch motor are mostly jump once every 20 seconds, customer adjustments that may motor has not started, so will reflect by one minute to minute hand and the right time, if the need to turn the minute hand almost a minutes.
Understand the quartz watch shockproof, antimagnetic function
A watch usually has a certain shock function, inside the watch by outside force bump, shockproof function can play a role. So-called antimagnetic watch, not all parts in the table are magnetically, is only the major parts, such as balance wheel and hair spring, spring by antimagnetic material.
Watch waterproof performance relies mainly on the table mirror, back cover, the place such as crown waterproof aprons, and USES the screw crown, so as to achieve the corresponding waterproof standard.
Watch is always the pursuit of every man, and a watch can reflect the identity of a man, and strength. No matter how big is your age now, what is involved in work, should have a men’s watch.

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