Exclusive lovers of surfers Nixon Supertide sports watch

Now there are all kinds of Replica Nixon watches. Designed for runners, designed for hikers, some specially for swimmer, even golfers have their own sports watch. But, in the world of sports watches, there is a sport unloved. That is surfing. Why surfing need a watch? Reason, of course, is yes, you can from Nixon’s new professional surfing on watch Supertide find the answer.


Supertide minimalist fashion design is the first major bright spot. But Nixon Supertide not only is modelling classic watch, and there are many bright spots worth mining.

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In terms of function, Supertide able to calculate the tidal higher low data, and surf the best time to tell you. So the Supertide equivalent to advance for surfers factors that interfere with surfing. A wish to surf you worry more. Maybe someone retorted, consider high tides ebb data will only be one part of the surf; Others said, it’s only when you ride waves, surfing really begins. But anyway, this watch is really special.

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Supertide a record of all over the world more than 230 beach tidal dynamic, also equipped with a timer and alarm function. The watch case is made of fine stainless steel, can withstand a hydraulic pressure of 100 meters deep.
Supertide there are a lot of excellent function not only, still have a lot of colors and styles to choose from. Should have a watch is designed for the surfer!
NixonSupertide priced at $200. This watch is really can help you know what to do in the water, even before going to the beach.

If you think your surfing on a class, to have a look at this Supertide watch.

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