Starting from the professional nouns to become the watch trader

Nowadays more and more people are keen to talk about “the tourbillon of replica nixon watches “.

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May be some people think the word is very advanced, some people feel very professional, some people are more likely to think of the word is “show off in an ostentatious manner”. While I want to tell you that in the world of senior clock can not only helps the professional vocabulary.I want to tell you the three words below, package you said, the people around you will immediately put you worship pleasantly surprised! These three words: hanging box son hair, compensation balance wheel and sesame chain.

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Before becoming a talent, or consolidate the foundation, I tell you what is called the tourbillon of Replica nixon watches . The tourbillon of Replica nixon watches – the escapement speed regulation institutions into a cage frame can rotate. Because the earth’s gravity will cause the position error of the clock, in order to reduce the influence of gravity precision of clock travel time, every minute through the tourbillon of Replica nixon watches mechanism rotates, average error, the position of the clock is under the condition of the technology at that time, is the most effective way to improve walking clock precision, in simple terms, you just remember to have a “wheel” watches (hard) to brand very cow.

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Began to change to below, I’ll tell you the first word – hanging box son hair spring. Hanging box son hair spring is Beijing dialect, is the probable master “slang”, scientific name should be called breguet balance spring, also called double balance spring, the most commonly used term for breguet balance spring. Inline, is hanging box son? The breguet uncle six years before the invention make the tourbillon of Replica nixon watches , was first invented the hanging box of another in his original tourbillon of Replica nixon watches , also can see sesame chain delighted.
I’ll explain below for hanging box son of traditional plane balance spring, in the process of vibration due to pile and outside (fixed structure, the influence of the expansion of the balance spring – contractions are different heart, eccentric games from the vibration period easily, thus affecting accuracy as well. While hanging box son hair spring can make the balance wheel balance spring system in motion can be concentric expansion, improved the precision of the walking of the clock.

A bit dizzy, simple, flat balance spring is fixed inside the end of the pile, and outside the fixed pile on the outside; Hanging box son hair spring is inner end is fixed, the pile as well, on the outer side is bent around the installed pile out. If still not understand will ask rolex (all) their house, will say the word is enough.
Then I tell you the second word – compensation balance wheel. Compensation balance wheel full name is called bimetallic temperature compensation balance wheel, – also known as temperature compensation balance wheel, the most commonly used term double metal balance wheel, professional term compensation. Walking in order to solve the metal heat bilges cold shrink to clock precision, the influence of using different thermal expansion coefficient of metal, made bimetal composite up balance wheel, to improve the precision clock’s travel time. The balance wheel rim have fracture, there are two common fracture symmetric distribution, general balance wheel fracture has 3, 120 degrees is evenly distributed.



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