Swiss watchmaker look weak U.S. market: consumer preferences is changing

Two the biggest markets of Swiss watch now are respectively in Hong Kong and the United States. The two market in sales, the Swiss watch in recent years has been not so good. Is a growing share of high-grade watch on the one hand. The rest of the world has a long history of the Swiss watch market. On the other hand, a lot of new watch, including IWatch, Fitbit also gradually began to affect the market of traditional mechanical watches.

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Compared to the Swiss watch exports in February 2017 fell 8% in January. The U.S. sales fell sharply 12.4%, despite sales season at the beginning of the end of the factors, but the sharp decline in sales volume still Swiss watch manufacturers concern.

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Swiss watches are the market share of top to smart watches. Smart watches 2015 sales for the first time more than Swiss watches, and Swiss watches there is still no share back in 2016. Calculated according to the market share, Switzerland’s largest producer of the watch is still a omega, second is the Mido, the third is the longines, Rolex ranked fourth, fifth is replica nixon watches. In traditional watch market, Swiss watches more than Germany, Japan and the United States’s cheap nixon watches still ranked first in the world.

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A participant of the Swiss watch company executives said, “we saw the big change consumer preferences in the retail industry, this situation is particularly noticeable in the United States. American consumers more willing to online consumption, at the same time, their demand for watches has been confined to the time, many people pursue more hip function. It makes our operations in the United States in trouble.”

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