What needs to care for when buy Cheap nixon watches in UK

“Shipping instructions” for cheap nixon watches is divided into overseas direct mail or domestic bonded warehouse delivery. Overseas direct mail delivery cycles are usually long in the domestic online shopping, please be patient. Bonded warehouse shipping address will be displayed for the bonded warehouse in uk. Domestic bonded warehouse is a country of overseas goods temporary address specified by the customs general administration, customs supervision and control by the state, you can rest assured the goods.

Buying overseas uk store sellers shall fill in the information 】 【 products, please fill in the accurate identity information/id number and the recipient must be consistent, otherwise the goods will not be able to successfully customs clearance, the order will be canceled; Name of the recipient shall be the full name, do not add “Mr”, “ms” and other titles; Don’t add symbols or Spaces as you enter the id number.

Overseas sellers may lack of domestic commodity packing specification 】 【 can query to the anti-counterfeiting code, production identification (such as QS or blue cap authentication marks) and Chinese/English instruction and other information. In addition, the commodity bar code might not be for domestic software or web site inquiries. If you have any questions on the goods authenticity, please contact our customer service to verify.

【 description 】 tax bill for tariffs, if the customs or logistics company please collect duties to return proof, and contact with customer service, we will return the duties. Overseas sellers of goods by registered outside uk overseas sellers sell directly, so can’t provide invoices, domestic orders for goods proof of purchase.

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