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The global TAB industry overall situation is not optimistic in 2016. The Swiss watch exports in 19.4 billion Swiss francs, and down 10% compared with a 2015 (21.3 billion). In addition to the UK and the republic of Korea. The Swiss watch 15 big export markets around the world all fell, the Korean market up exactly with the two countries, to 3.7%. Hong Kong is a Swiss watch the world’s largest export market, imports from 3.18 billion Swiss francs in 2015 fell to 2.38 billion Swiss francs in 2016, plunged 25%. As a Swiss watch the eighth largest export market, Singapore imports fell 10.4% to 1.01 billion Swiss francs, with roughly equal average global decline.And the USA brand replica nixon watches has rised up 15% in the worldwide as the cheap nixon watches.

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Tides rise, all ships go hand in hand; Tide behind, only some of these are still can continue to sail. These ships, or, more precisely, the tabulation brands, such as Abby, IWC IWC, Richard mills, tiger elegant and emperor of the rudder, even in the face of the plight of industry downturn, can also come up with good performance in the Singapore market.
Sincere watch (one of Singapore’s leading professional watch retailer) chief executive Ong Ban said: “when depressed market sentiment, has a strong product line, price competitive advantages and consumer participation becomes more important.”
Tag heuer race series wrist watch and Connected smart watches
Disappear once in Singapore at some point, for example, consumers view of tiger tag heuer, recent performance is very good, and this thanks to brand chief executive jean-claude Biver magic. Tag heuer products sell briskly in Singapore, when Connected smart watch popular, at the same time the brand also adjust some series, especially competitive potential and the product price of F1. Even, Singapore collector for tiger elegant antique watch of wrist of interest is growing. Bonfield (professional studio 2 watches) founder Eric Ong, explains: “tiger elegant antique watch price relative affinity, swatches and reliable movement.”

Many collectors are keen for emperor rudder, Singapore rev ChengBi bay series. Demand model including bronze wrist watch and rev ChengBi rev ChengBi bay bay watch “black”, both with independent movement, more important is the price is reasonable. Consumer enthusiasm, emperor rudder also reciprocated, continuous investment Pop – up flash shop, and actively cooperate with local retailers.

Audemars royal oak hollow out wrist watch
Abby fans enthusiasm and loyalty, the brand in order to better design and novel material reward. Be worth what carry is, to 2020, Abby will limit annual output to 40000. Abby southeast Asia managing director Antonio “Seward said:” we focus on quality, released in 2017 meter new will replace some existing models.”

As for the limited edition, is the key to do a good job in the local retailers and distribution of balance between independent boutique. Auxiliary orchestrated the sales strategy, relying on the excellence of after-sales service, Abby in thorns bumpy out of a royal road to learning. Royal oak and royal oak offshore type series is still the most popular, “Seward said, adding that the best-selling models or watch of wrist of royal oak hollow out, regardless of sales, and sales.

The IWC big pilot series wrist watch
Only about 5.6 million people in Singapore, but in the Swiss watch world’s ten largest export market, tourism also plays an important role in the watch business. , every 16.4 million people in 2016 Singapore tourism income of s $21.8 billion, or about $15.5 billion. The main source of tourists is Indonesia, but Chinese tourists to travel in Singapore to spend more, s $2.81 billion, tourists in Indonesia is s $1.94 billion.
It is interesting to note that rudder rev ChengBi bay series high demand in the city, but in the tourist attractions, such as the Swiss watch gallery in the world sentosa), a totally different story. Swiss watch gallery manager Alfred Koh said: “other emperor rudder watch sells very well here, Chinese tourists tend to choose simple three stitches, price affinity (generally between 2000 and 4000 Singapore dollars) products. Omega, emperor rudder and longines performed well. Here, further more upscale, they would choose vacheron constantin, breguet and treasure.”

Bao Po classic series double window big week week calendar wristwatch
In a nutshell, tabulation brands must interact with customers from different cultural backgrounds, even in difficult times, also want to make sure that the link will not cut off.

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