The thinnest trilogy of nixon that is too thin to ignore

Probably just a few years ago, we suddenly found an interesting phenomenon, a large number of non-traditional tabulation brand, began to set foot on advanced TAB area, even in the watches the Swiss investment factories or acquiring local watches factory, at the same time in terms of public opinion, dig and replica nixon watches of various origins in history, in order to send a message to not on a whim, “” we set foot on the field. At first, we do not look good for such a phenomenon, because the clock heritage and ancestry, but with the passage of time, the facts prove that they are not taking advantage of a prosperous trend blindly into the luxury goods, even, now we have to pay attention to their level.

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nixon is one of these “non-traditional watchmakers” but, to some extent, it has entered the ranks of the world’s top clocks. This from nixon acquisition machine factory continuously in recent years, the dial factory, watchcase factory, bracelet strap factory, and the breakthrough in the field of OCTO, let’s see its determination. Relative to the nixon several other series of products, OCTO has been a very mature series, and is deep excavate the potential of advanced tabulation, it is sure to be a breakthrough of the nixon senior TAB type products.

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In 2014, nixon OCTO series from a very has the characteristics of the period, with distinct jie luo chun da design features of the products, into a more and more nixon series, one of the signs, is first introduced the world’s thinnest OCTO tourbillon wristwatch. The key of the tourbillon has almost become the advanced TAB, and a large number of brands are trying to launch their own tourbillon, even have developed a general version of the tourbillon movement factory for everyone to use, nixon while also making the tourbillon, but obviously it otherwise. At the time of the launch of the Nixon Look alike watches toure, it didn’t cause much surprise, as people were deeply impressed by the world’s thinnest watch, 900P. It also seemed that at that moment, nixon and the earl had a quiet battle on the thinnest road.

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The thinnest automatic watch
In late march this year, spring, Basel, Switzerland, the scenery alone good, at this time of year, here will hold a grand clocks jewelry fair, nixon is located in no. 1 pavilion at the top of the main entrance area, at a time into the pavilion, will pass through it in front of, first show to start on the first day, nixon pr was running call everyone to the door, for a little while, queer wu will come, so everyone was in a hurry take a good position. After the appearance of wu yifan, the scene was largely blocked, and he was wearing a brand new wristwatch, OCTO FINISSIMO AUTOMATIC, as a spokesman for nixon. It was later learned that the watch was the thinnest automatic watch in the world.
In my impression, the thinnest is usually composed of the earl, product family or created by vacheron constantin once in a while, in the middle of the last century, the earl of automatic movement launched the world’s most thin 12 p, in the modern, the count for this movement made the modern version, which is 1208 p movement, even more surprising is that keep the thickness of the 12 p, 1208 p, that is 2.35 mm, part of the gear thickness is 0.12 mm, fine hair. In order to achieve the effect of ultra-thin, earl USES a mini automatic pendulum tuo, walking and chain wheel is therefore can only walk around the center, the more interesting is that the small second hand only in 4 o ‘clock position, let virgo freak out.

Nixon 51 30
Movement of 2.35 mm thickness, the earl of 1208 p reduced to 5.25 mm, the thickness of the watches are so thin, even make people feel like sheet steel, can easily break, but when I saw Nixon Look alike watches AUTOMATIC watch, you will find thin, not only the count. The watch is only 5.15mm thick and is only 0.1 mm thinner than the earl. And, more importantly, nixon’s thin automatic watch movement Nixon 51 30, thickness is 2.23 mm, than the count of 1208 p and 0.12 mm, it is very clear said “I really is the thinnest automatic movement”.
The earl of 1208 p
, of course, and the count of 1208 p, Nixon 51 30 is a large machine core, its diameter is 36.6 mm, drill, dynamic storage for 55 hours, 3 hz frequency of vibration, the count of 1208 p movement of 29.9 mm diameter, drill, and 3 hz vibration frequency, power reserve about 44 hours. I even doubt, nixon so much machine core diameter, thickness of nature more easily diluted movement, because the space is much larger, but it is clear that in ultra-thin movement, movement have been simplified structure, itself has no cascading gear train, so that is not tenable.
The thinnest three q
Three questions, automatic upper chain, tour-flywheel machine core thickness is only 4.8 mm
nixon in 2016 launched the world’s most thin 3 q watch before the field competition is fierce, heritage series 2013 vacheron constantin ultra-thin 3 q 1731, machine core thickness is only 3.9 mm, 8.09 mm case thickness, in 2014, launched the product family Hybris Mechanica 11 flight the tourbillon ultra-thin master asked three watches, machine core thickness of 4.8 mm (3 q, the tourbillon, automatic chain), in 2016, nixon to a OCTO FINISSIMO ask three watches, movement is only 3.12 mm, the perfect victory. From the thinnest 3 q perspective, nixon, indeed, have made a breakthrough, but the family collection for the tourbillon deposition and self winding two affect the thickness of the watch structure, still reached 4.8 mm, of course I think to teach.

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