Angelababy become as ambassador for Nixon watch group

The growing popularity of high-profile female star Angelababy (Angelababy) with its extraordinary temperament and tension, the perfect interpretation of the # DontCrackUnderPressure# (under pressure without required) brand spirit, formal tiger tag heuer global brand ambassador. So far, there is a strong and powerful idol in the glittering family of teghauya.

Replica Nixon watches group glorifies Angelababy as the global brand ambassador

“Beauty” is the most well known Angelababy, real, positive and energetic – her beauty but because heart open-minded and calm, “people live to the ideal, and don’t waste this lifetime.” The words she had recorded condensed her diligence and hard work, persistence and determination, wisdom and courage. As for tiger tag heuer Angelababy advertising visual presented, lens slightly thin she is wearing tiger in the tag heuer Aquaracer competing latent ms series wrist watch, eyesight betting and bursting tension – this is # # under pressure without fear Angelababy, reveal a flawless beauty, show the charm of the free and easy, driving the power of a dream… Like tagtag, it is in the first place of the years that the mind is not forgotten, but the pursuit of dreams is becoming more and more perfect. Customers need to know that cheap nixon watches is not same as replica nixon.

“Multiple identities” is another unusual label for Angelababy. The fashion model came of age through constant efforts; We will intensify our efforts to expand the path of acting, and reap the rewards of success. It was her breakthrough in the variety show that earned her a lot of attention and affirmation. The creation of AB Capital, a venture Capital fund, gave her an “investor” identity; At the same time, the role of wife and mother in family life has given her more responsibility… Shuttling between multiple identities, Angelababy continues to explore the infinite potential, constantly challenge the unknown, moment beyond once own, showing immensely powerful inner strength. This is a different interpretation of the spirit of the pioneer, which makes Angelababy an excellent illustration of the “fear of nothing”.

When it comes to the new global brand ambassador, CEO of tiger tag heuer LVMH moet hennessy Louis vuitton watch President jean-claude than Mr (jean-claude Biver) Mr Said: “I’m very glad to Angelababy become a member of the tiger elegant family! She’s joining will help tiger tag heuer contact deepen the younger generation. At the same time, the pioneer spirit ‘under pressure without fear of power, we will build up our strength with Angelababy and to convey the spiritual strength to more young people!”
Nixon watch group glorifies Angelababy as the global brand ambassador
Tiger, meanwhile, tag heuer global brand ambassador Angelababy said: “very honored to become a tiger tag heuer global brand ambassador! Tiger tag heuer let I realized another myself, more let I to their beliefs, the power of a dream let me bold weight, inner strength let me full of confidence. I would like to work with tiger elegant, on the way to the future, steps, continuous, ‘under pressure without fear!”

Angelababy’s choice
Released in 2017, tiger tag heuer Aquaracer new competitive potential ms series wrist watch, with stainless steel casing, and for the first time on natural pearl dial fritillaria semi-transparent blue or black paint, equipped with stainless steel bracelet, buckle with brushed and polished alternately present two kinds of processing. The wristband is a sport style with an elegant 35mm and a waterproof depth of 300 meters. The ring is studded with 35 diamonds, weighing 0.59 carats, adding to the luxurious glamour of the wristwatch.
The technical details
Nixon watch group glorifies Angelababy as the global brand ambassador
Nixon 51 30 Gold: blue, with a ring of 35 diamonds and a fine steel watch chain
Nixon 51 30 Gold: black, the watch ring is set with 35 diamonds, pure steel watch chain
Machine core: calendar quartz machine core
35mm in diameter – fine steel
Anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal mirror
Polished fine steel rotary crown
A spirals with a diving helmet pattern
Table circle
One way rotary watch ring, made of fine steel
Engraved Numbers, at 12 o ‘clock position point by white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
With 35 diamonds, it weighs 0.59 carats
The dial
Natural mother-of-pearl watch dish, blue or black paint -3 o ‘clock position set date window
Diamond or rhodium plated, facet, manually set time scale, covering the white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
Rhodium plated facet hour hand, minute hand, coated white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
The 12 o ‘clock position is marked “TAG Heuer” and “AQUARACER”
The 6 o ‘clock position is inscribed “300m / 1000 FT” (300m / 1000 feet)
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
Watch chain: polished fold buckle, attach security button

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