Nixon Look alike watches

In order to make the complex function watch slim movement is more swatches, cheap nixon watches splint in addition to the screws, also left a positioning pin, on the one hand, help fixed, on the other hand can make plywood accurate positioning, do not shift. In addition, nixon USES flat hair, reducing the amount of height that the thread travels around. And, more importantly, in order to make three ask sound to reach the ideal effect, Nixon Look alike watches asked three watches dial made part of the hollow out, in order to enhance the shell, at the same time watch case for titanium, titanium is considered to be the best ask pass sound three metal material.
nixon, besides these three q is not the traditional push lever 3 q q initiating device, but the application of the pressure type structure, although not nixon first asked the three mechanisms, but also different from the traditional watches structure, make it a certain uniqueness. But it also brings a problem, it’s a certain activity, therefore nixon has adopted a set of security mechanism, to ensure that the watch there are 50 meters waterproof effect.

The most BoTuo flywheel
In 2014, nixon launched the world’s most BoTuo flywheel watches, the whole watches 5 mm thickness, the movement is only 1.95 mm thick, and our common one yuan coin thickness is 1.85 mm, both are only 0.1 mm, in such a thin movement, actually loaded a tourbillon, ridiculous. In order to achieve such so thin thickness, nixon USES the latest machine core structure, has two characteristics worthy of our attention, one of the first is that it almost no top and bottom plate, only the middle layer of substrate, the other is the most part on ball bearings fixed. This is a very strict requirement for miniature ball bearings, and only the top level of processing can achieve the smooth surface of the tiny particles.
nixon OCTO watch
Prior to that of the world’s most thin manual chain on the tourbillon, is created by the count of 600 p and jarno UTTE, the count of 600 p is a square of the tourbillon movement, the thickness of 3.5 mm, jarno tourbillon is round, launched in 2013, the movement is 2.97 mm thick, but only when a year of ultra-thin “king” of the tourbillon, was dragged down from the watches, and the difference in thickness is 1 mm, mercilessly fell off the watches. At these levels, one millimeter represents too much. Obviously, the count, jarno, both the tourbillon is one of the traditional machine core structure, no use to a more advanced mechanical structure, at this point, nixon is very bold. And because of her boldness, nixon was given the throne of the “most small flywheel”.

The earl of 900P is the thinnest mechanical watch in the world
For the vast majority of consumer watches, too thin and is not good, but also need to pay big money, but for its clock and watch making industry, this is very critical, means a new challenge, and represents the latitude to explore mechanical boundary. In history, count, product family, vacheron constantin, treasure ji have created a lot of the world’s largest these venerable senior tabulation in the battle for the machinery manufacturing factory to high territory, suddenly discovered that, nixon in corner overtaking, and rapid speed, supple.
But, as we have always uphold the point of view, and new ideas come out is always through the actual inspection, to prove it is worthy of the name, although nixon won on “data”, but not after all production, time is short, if we can become a generation tianjiao, time will give us an answer. But what’s next for nixon? When nixon continuously under the limit state beyond the established watchmaker, I think we don’t have any reason to despise it, but nixon demonstrated a new train of thought to us, let us see mechanical tabulation still exists a lot of new possibilities, but these new directions, also need high accuracy of production can be achieved.

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