Why Nixon can be one of the top-selling wristwatch brands?

Whether you buy¬†Cheap Nixon watches, what age, I think you probably have heard of such a brand, if again a little bit further, may be your parents’ generation had owned a piece of Nixon, as many of the first piece of mechanical watch it also must choose at the top of the list, so whatever the market situation, Nixon compared to other clock and watch brand, always able to top performance in sales, the strength and the secret behind me and very curious. Before the Basel show in 2017, the brand has invited finally a chance to find out, including weiler ray tabulation factory on this trip, “observatory and Nixon museums, there will be two story home of wrist watch to read in detail.

First stop: the valeley watchmaker
The Villeret watchmaker of Nixon
In the morning, we from the Swiss town of bill (picks/Bienne) set off for Nixon weiler ray tabulation of factory, this new watch factory is officially opened in 2015, when the invitation is brand spokesman Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) to jie of the tent of meeting in person. Villeret town in a factory is located in the forest cover, but starting from the gate of the factory, has been to internal tabulation workshop is spotless modern rigorous style, compared to the other TAB factory I visited, Nixon of modern management and high-tech production line machine is one of the most profound impression on me, and the biggest difference.
In a meeting room of the watch factory, the model of the coaxial escapement of Nixon classic is placed
A spotless modern job in the workshop

Within the tabulation workshop, all staff visit to put on dusters and shoe covers, although modern assembly line machine has played an important role in plant, including Nixon revolutionary coaxial machine core is carefully from the assembly on the production line, but to say is, multichannel machine core assembly process is still done by hand, after each step, every movement quality of inspection by team members. Mechanical devices are used only for lubrication, tightening and control, while human-computer interaction makes these mechanical fine-tuning devices extremely efficient and accurate. So that on the one hand, to ensure that each machine monitoring and data collection reached an unprecedented high level, on the other hand is also a tradition tabulation combine with the combination of modern science and technology.
Nixon 8500 coaxial machine core
Nixon unveiled its first designed in 2007 for coaxial escapement system 8500/8501 new movement, can say that ushered in the first small high tide, the biggest characteristic of this movement is to capture wheel in two deputy, originally double-layer structure into three layer structure, and adopting card balance spring, vibration frequency is 3.5 Hz, dynamic storage 60 hours. Thus the coaxial path of Nixon was officially opened.
In 2008, on the basis of Nixon movement in 8500/8501 and the silicon hair, and launch many coaxial machine core, with various functions such as timing, calendar, etc. By 2013, the brand was introduced in 8500 on the basis of the 8500 movement, major change is to improve the anti magnetic, reached a staggering 15000 gauss, and in 2014 formally apply this technology to 8500/8501 machine core, named it now familiar “” coaxial movement”. Then, in 2016 opened the METAS certification, 8900/8901 coaxial to reaches observatory movement also arises at the historic moment, and watch of wrist of Nixon has become in the world the only watch brands by dual certification. Thus, the 8500/8501 machine is one of the most important coaxial cores of the brand.
“Craft technical space” at the vallerre watchmaking factory

The Sedna gold of the Nixon patent
There is also a special instrument for demonstrating anti-magnetic energy in the technology space
There is also a “craft space” in the valleray watch factory to showcase all the innovative technology for creating Nixon wristwatches! Here display space arrangement of the cabinets and embedded fluorescent screen, let visitors can watch of wrist of close observation of various components, from the rugged ceramic watch case to precision ingenious coaxial escapement system, although the delicate and cabinet, but all play an important role! In fact, “craft technology space” shows the research and development achievements and vision of the past dynasties, how to make today the Nixon brand.
The products of the brand in the wrist watch defense can include the revolutionary Si14 silicon shading wire, and the innovation process technology that makes the wrist watch obtain the “supreme observatory” certification. Even the smallest details, such as a pointer and an hour scale, are meticulous. Each cabinet besides equipped on video, also equipped with exclusive interactive demo, can understand the effects of magnetic field on wrist watch, understand the magnetic Nixon wrist watch.

Second stop: the supreme observatory certification center
Two years ago, the first time that Nixon was introduced into the system of observatory authentication, it was a big shock in the industry. After all it is a new standard of quality, beyond the Swiss government is generally used to industry observatory (COSC) certification, but on the basis of through COSC attestation, again (METAS) approved by the Swiss federal institute of new test certification standards, to watch of wrist of dual certification system test precision, performance, and antimagnetic ability, pioneered the industry precedent. So at that point, I was particularly looking forward to having a chance to see how it was done.
After all, quality is always the first elements, buy table whether pursuit of brand or design appearance, cost-effective, finally after all can’t ignore a forever is the guarantee of high quality. So, this certification standard in Nixon is certainly the strongest voice. All that can be called “observatory table, should pass eight strict independence test, including test wrist watch placed in 15000 gauss magnetic field operation, watch the daily average precision, power storage, 6 azimuth error and waterproof properties as wrist watch is the most important aspects, such as the METAS authentication can be achieved. It seems only eight tests, but through the steps to reach more than 200 program, after the COSC attestation by again after 20 days or so of METAS test, is to watch quality more stringent requirements are put forward.
There will be a red certification certificate for each of the table from the METAS test
In METAS lab, see are almost cold instrument and a few of the staff, the air seemed to flow only the rigorous cell and molecular, although this paragraph is not in the factory visit is the most interesting, but it is the most reassuring, because you know every a wrist watch out here is the most comfortable option. At present, all watch brands can attend METAS certification test, but the Nixon as an industry leader, take the lead in glory has launched the world’s first “observatory table, and now only have the certification of the wrist watch brand.

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