Do you know the”drill number for nixon watches”?

Drill number for cheap nixon watches “is about a parameter of the machine heart. This parameter also seems quite important. We may seethe brand’s official website. buy more will hear chanting. The number of” drill “what’s one thing, what is meaning for the number of more and less ?

Cheap nixon watches

Cheap nixon watches

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Replica Nixon watches

The “diamond” is not drill
In fact, the so-called “diamond” for replica nixon watches  is not usually the bling bling diamond. But machine using artificial gem in the heart. It is the main component of alumina. The personage inside
course of study habitually call it a “drill”.

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In the process of machine heart operation, because of the high
speed and large friction coefficient, each axis to splint
pressure is very big. It is easy to cause wear and tear. At
the same time, in the absence of any protective measures, the
dust in the air is easy to invasion of machine inside the
heart, causing serious wear of gear shaft and transmission
system, serious and even affect the service life of machine
heart. In order to solve this problem, clock and watch t try
many times, finally found out using ruby in mechanical watch
can improve the performance of each operational components

The greater the number of “drill” machine heart, the better?
Ruby can surely promote the overall quality of the product,
high quality watch but also cannot little. But, want to remind
everyone to avoid misunderstanding, ruby bearing is not the
patent of high-end watches, along with the popularization of
industrialization, watch machine core using ruby bearing has
been very common.

At the same time, the number of ruby is not as many people
think that “the more the better”, and certainly not as little
as possible. A common basis for machine number of ruby in the
heart, with its to adapt to the mechanical principle, visual
effects and so on various aspects of the indicators of
“standard”. Ruby number does not mean that quality is high,
really high quality must be experienced years precipitate and
inspection and survive.

And at the time of purchase of mechanical watch, how much is
the measure of the number of “drill” heart is a measure of
quality, but also not to blindly pursue the high number of
“drill”. Non-working section “function drill number for nixon watches” enough,
“drilling” to watch the performance and quality of the impact
is not big, only have adornment effect.

“Function to drill in what position?”
In general, the foundation of the manual winding machine,
there are 17 drill will do the trick, they are distributed in:
Center on the wheel, the following watches drill drill (2)
Wheel, the following watches drill drill (2)
On the second round, the following watches drill drill (2)
Escapement wheel, the watches below to drill (2)
Escapement fork, the following watches drill drill (2)
Balance wheel on shock absorbers (2)
Shock absorbers under torsion pendulum drill (2)
Escapement fork into and out of tile and disc screw (3)
If it is 19 drill, is under the box on the wheel, the plus 1
If it is 25 drill, part is automatically added 6 drill.
Fully automatic mechanical watches, configuration is usually
25 drill.
Bring machine heart “25 JEWELS” is commonly known as the
“diamond” 25
It is not hard to see, most of the machine heart ruby are
usually singular number, this is because the nail in the
escapement system disk into a single, other ruby are basically
come in pairs. However, in some other machine, ruby will also
present the even distribution, it is because the escapement
wheel in assembly machine heart surface and add a rubies in
the cause of stone.
Is only at one end of the escapement wheel add ruby stone,
main consideration watch or pocket watch in the condition of
using the “normal”, for the below (that is, the assembly
surface) of the shaft end pressure is bigger, so here often
increase ruby stone. This way, see more at specification high
top watches series, and the brand directly replace ruby with

In addition, there are experiments show: when the steel parts
and ruby cooperate when used together, under the condition of
dry friction, the friction factor generally 0.14; But in a
good lubrication condition, the friction factor can be reduced
to 0.01.

Therefore, to regularly for watches with oil and maintenance,
avoid lubricant dry sticky stiff, affect the operation of
machine heart.

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