What reason is the automatic mechanical cheap nixon watches not working?

Fully automatic mechanical cheap nixon watches to wear generous, highlight the air. Now more and more people like to wear a fully automatic mechanical watch. But one problem is that the fully automated mechanical cheap nixon watches are not allowed. What’s the reason for that? Let the home of the wristwatch answer for you!

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There are two main reasons for the automatic mechanical watch:
First, the quality problems of the cheap nixon watches itself, such as automatic upper string failure and pendulum failure, etc.

The second is the problem that consumers use. The former can reach the conclusion through the test of the state concerned testing department, if it is a quality problem, the merchant must retire, replace, repair. The latter should look at the specific situation of consumer use, such as what type of person to wear, in what environment to wear, etc.

The reasons that are not allowed in the automatic mechanical cheap nixon watches due to the use of consumers include the following:
Insufficient user activity, which causes the automatic watch to become unsatisfied, causing the watch to slow down or stop. Such cheap nixon watches are not suicheap nixon watches for elderly people and regular office and sports children.The watch is close to the magnetic field, such as TV, cell phone, etc., causing the watch to go wrong.


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