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Defying time passed years, the development of mechanical watch like a for the carriage, to go on. Despite being the time grinding to the edges, but it will remain unchanged. During this period, the factions of same as cheap nixon watches world followed this trend growing and molding.

And create conform to the requirements of various classical meter, show the magical glamour of mechanical process. Among them, the Swiss wristwatch and ashkenazi the central position of the wrist watch is absolute their stories are familiar with history. In addition, with the beauty of different style of wrist watch is also very innovative and aesthetic characteristics of the classic factions. Although not like Switzerland, Germany is famous, but also is an important component of worthy of respect. Here, let the author led you into the world of beauty is a wrist watch magic.

Hamilton a classic jazz series wrist watch
The history of the brief and quickly
The development of the United States is a wrist watch is conditioned by historical factors (founded in 1775, the United States), compared with before a few faction is very short, so few penchant for hundreds of years and tabulation brand, mechanical process started relatively late. But americans unique innovation spirit and aesthetic style, make the department watches has its unique aesthetic level. Most of the wrist to straightforward integrity, bold and strong American design style to create out of it, the fine durable and practical function has been well received by the majority of friends and watches. Watch of wrist of American’s reputation is growing with American influence, the tabulation method is changed by modern watch needs.

Bohr wrist watch
Although U.S. wrist watch with today’s strength in a little bit, but prestigious is still a few well-known brands: military watches Hamilton, luminous hour meter large Bohr, jewelry queen Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany), etc. Below, we introduce to them.
Military watches Hamilton
Hamilton presumably everyone not unfamiliar, military watches it born with its unique military fortitude strong features, also absorbed the American classic Broadway, and so on elements, became the most representative American culture brand of watches. Orchid open, was born in New York has 120 years of history, it has is one of the few U.S. wrist in one hundred one of the wrist watch brand mark. Although later into the arms of the Swiss tabulation of bill, became the Swiss brand, but the brand to keep its American tabulation style (a classic series, khaki movement series watches). Brand TAB with special modelling style, distinct personality, a symbol of the American spirit and the perfect fusion of Swiss watchmakers. In more than 60 years, enduring han watches in collaboration with a number of film and television works, such as “iron soldiers”, “men in black”, “die hard”, “I am legend” and so on many movies have. As inspiration, perfecting the tabulation technology level, introducing Chinese watches gradually under the gaze of people around the world.

Military watches with higher-ups
The well-known singer Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) is one of the important partners of Hamilton. But his nickname same reputation more than the name that is shaking the world singer elvis Presley. To commemorate the music legend, Hamilton has launched many “adventure – elvis Presley series” memorial, break through the traditional round or square design, adopt unique triangle dial, the modelling of the avant-garde and unique material to show the future fantasy to imagine that expressed elvis Presley salute.

Watch of wrist of Hamilton elvis Presley’s 80th anniversary
Jean-claude van damme
In 2015, the “save not happy” “pancake man released on schedule, the elegant demeanour oodles of film and television heavyweight star jean-claude van damme as a guest and dapeng to play the play had a blow out by impressive. In the 80 s into the entertainment industry in his large, manly temperament became with Sylvester stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steven segal eponymous action star, such a tough guy has become a type of Hamilton’s brand good friend. In his autobiography type film J.C.V.D in the film, he took the Hamilton watch of wrist of X – Wind, the perfect interpretation of daily as star jean-claude van damme, shows the treated as a “normal” jean-claude van damme choice of right attitude towards life and challenges.
In the film jean-claude van damme and Hamilton X – Wind
Large luminous timing Bohr

Bohr BMW series design
The United States has a famous saying “on the ball” (sharp, attention, diligent, knowledgeable), this sentence is from the Bohr watches the good name of high standard and accurate travel time. Belongs to independent tabulation of it was also the representative of beauty is a wrist watch, one of the many wrist watch in its patents, more than the most representative view of 3 h glow on the micro gas light, a new kind of luminous technology, glowing effect for 25 years, its brightness is much brighter than conventional luminous wrist watch. “Hair locks” patent registration seismic System (SpringLOCK ┬« System), antimagnetic and shockproof in wrist has a patent on the invention of the, Bohr’s unremitting efforts and obvious to special wrist watch.
3 h glow on the micro gas light

Bohr with BMW
Bohr BMW watch
In 2012, Bohr was already announced the launch of BMW series watches, its aesthetic effect influenced by BMW vehicles with engine structure. According to the poll watches and BMW there are elegant, high performance and new features to conception and design of science and technology. This series all wrist movement after the Swiss observatory certification, ensuring precise instructions and wrist watch quality. And as it is a typical (solo tempo) and date display (hour), Greenwich mean time (GMT) (time), and other functions, and pick up a lot of Boer proprietary wrist structure, shows the two brands of high level of enthusiasm and perfect and the pursuit of the most advanced mechanical performance.

Tiffany jewelry queen
Tiffany watches
Tiffany is known the world famous jewelry brand, its production of wrist watch is relatively good. Since 1853, the founder Charles lewis tiffany in outside its brand shop erected a clock on the wall. Since then, he as a pioneer, and brought the rhythm of a city – not to split second timing, only innovation can remember. Its wrist watch brand, also won the America’s second President franklin delano Roosevelt’s favour, he wear is a piece of engraved with “Tiffany & Co” perpetual calendar watch, it is said that when he was present at the Yalta conference is wearing the watch.

Hamilton watches
Conclusion: although the development time is shorter, but fast-growing, although less number of brands can be memorable. Design style somewhat straightforward but the connotation and function. U.S. wrist watch as its history to go on, in the family of wrist watch community formed a force with endless energy and creativity of the strides forward, to grasp the pulse of time hour meter technology provides a steady stream of classical ideas.

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