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Cheap nixon watches is more and more attractive in usaMay be large, according to the calendar date may be asymmetric dial layout, or perhaps they’re meticulous rigorous and heart type design inside collect, to different, alange soehne so fascinating. This kind of emotion, perhaps is the so-called love at first sight. With the growing of life experience, the esthetic consciousness gradually mature, in the eyes of lovers alange soehne, concise, and readable and elegant dial (especially the Arabic numeral font and with obvious radian logos) appear more attractive which same as replica nixon watches.28

Dresden, palmer opera house’s iconic digital clock in five minutes

Ahead of time
Dresden, palmer opera stage five minutes of hanging above the digital clock, is arguably one of the world’s first digital display clock. The clock by the court clockmaker John Chris duhem fierce terry west Philippine Bernard gucht case design, build, ferdinando, adolph alange soehne served as assistant apprenticeship. Five minutes digital clock information clearly readable, design bold subversion, these features by the 150 launch iconic Lange 1 alange soehne inheritance development of wrist watch, and obtained the patent.

Five minutes on the left side of the digital clock, Roman numeral display hour every 5 minutes to the Arabic numeral display on the right, the Didone font, reflect the distinct characteristics of The Times. Seen from the function, the clock originally the purpose is to avoid the audience repeatedly start pocket watch bell chiming, disturb the order of performance. In more modern terms, the measures and theater, shielding cell phone signal.

Respect for tradition
Monotype issued Engravers font style
Rally since 1994, has been strictly use Engravers alange soehne font, the font originally from Germany (born) engraver and font designer Robert webb gold in 1899 to create, distinct and delicate, is one of the perfect fusion of traditional and technology, reasonable alange soehne choice. In the 20th century, many foundry on the center design and reissue. Released by Monotype above style.

In general, creating a Display (Display Type also Display font) high contrast and only use uppercase. Look carefully, you can see alange soehne used should be a custom font style. So, alange soehne custom Engravers font and Monotype issued what are the key differences between Engravers font?
alange soehne custom font significantly more thick than Monotype font issue
1. Compare the iconic figures “25”, clear alange soehne custom style thickening of the font, improve the legibility, avoid the technical difficulties in detail.
alange soehne custom font (left) and Monotype font issue (right)
2. After amplification, it can be seen (alange soehne custom style) at the end of all characters are decorated Glyphic serif and sharpening Angle, this is likely to contain symbolic, salute to Chiselled font in the 19th century and alange soehne traditional carving.

Sans-serif sans-serif font typesetting (left) and Engravers custom font typesetting (right)
It is interesting to note that reconstruction of the early alange soehne wrist, “Made in Germany” use sans-serif sans-serif fonts; And later as well as the recent alange soehne wrist watch, all text elements are used on the dial Engravers custom fonts.
Radian curve
Back long before world war ii as a high quality cheap nixon watches manufacturer’s history, you will find that as an early form of writing the trademark has been arranged according to the arc, and exactly parallel to the dial and the watch case radian. Perhaps early alange soehne pocket watch carefully layout, for all subsequent chronometer set the tone, aesthetics from the beginning, after all, is an important factor. alange soehne is a start-up company at that time, limited resources, the goal is to control the cost on the basis of production appearance unique hour meter.

alange soehne custom, Engravers’ Roman, Monotype Engravers and Engravers’ “&” symbol of Gothic style (from left to right)
Observe rebuilt alange soehne trademark, brand visual focus naturally fall on the central “&” symbol, its flat font style unique and unusual. Contact Robert webb gold Engravers font and Engravers’ Gothic font (a kind of digitization of traditional carving for desktop publishing system font) characteristics of element can only speculate alange soehne text “&” in the trademark symbol style derived from various “Engravers” font design in the early 20th century.
By dotted line draw the outline of the height of the characters, can also be speculated that the lack of the top hoop from a visual point of view may be a reasonable choice, thus keeping the trademark and dial the geometric integrity.

The story behind the
As appear on the market more identity type company, brand of visual language and layout design also give the higher attention. Proprietary fonts ably, subtly can form the effective communication and convey brand personality, reveal distinct style, thus alange soehne spend from the Linotype custom sole font style it is not surprising.
alange soehne brand’s main font on the basis of Versailles, the font originally by the famous Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger created in 1984, it is inspired by metal cutting glyph. Versailles serif font is very sharp, obviously can make a person associate to tabulation tool and sculpture technology.
As Serif Serif supplement, is Frutiger and Linotype prototype variant – Univers Next, “elegant calm and rational interpretation ability of expression”. It is used as long sidenote instructions, technical information and illustrations further emphasized the functionality and practicality of this font.
Space problem
Although alange soehne typesetting the choice of the wise is reasonable, but there are still large room for improvement. First of all, is the further development of a series of Engravers variant, used in the design of dial. Analysis of Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar “Terraluna wrist watch” image of technical drawings and photos, it can be seen that week and month shows that the appearance of digital slightly imbalance, twisted out of shape.

Distort the font (Custom Engravers) and appropriate condensed version (ITC Garamond)
As shown in the above figure “OCT” as an example, the obviously character width and height of zoom: out of all proportion distortion, the curve of the “O” “C” and “T” serif is not naturally elongation. In contrast, use the appropriate version (ITC Garamond), compression ratio and visual effects will be more harmonious. Space narrow and limited, compact style of the font type is absolutely necessary.
Also, double-digit hour mark when interval can better and more professional to merge. Early digital publishing has evolved from the traditional typesetting, so the introduction of metal type glyph, width of differences between characters is very small, but Numbers usually minted into the same width. Therefore, using traditional digital font (e.g., Engravers), such as wide digital range and width ratio of difference is especially striking.
Engravers font “10” and “11” typography contrast, such as wide digital range (left) and width ratio (right).
Statistics such as wide width of characters with unity and immobility, so that we can more clearly show the statistics data, but at the cost of sacrificing the visual balance and beautiful sex (that is, the word spacing).
The wise choice
Like alange soehne special pay attention to the brand still is one of the few professional typesetting, other watchmaker, some rely on computer system font (may lead to bland appearance), also some history from the original design (read) that might damage information. To tabulation brand design department when asking questions about the font choices, usually indicates the answer: typesetting is not considered in design.
Why is that? May be due to many wrist watch designers no font typesetting and graphic design of formal training, some of them are from car design field, some are trained for “artist”, even some no design background. Although after typesetting training, does not necessarily create beautiful things, but at least can avoid uncoordinated. Nowadays, more and more brands on the market begin to pay close attention to the trademark and choice of font, traditional watchmakers have the notion that it is time to change despise typesetting.


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