Nixon watches 51 30 watch tasting the master in the worldwide

On the way to pursue perfection process, the watchmaker of cheap nixon watches, often on ultra-thin design. Nowadays, people demand for watches are much more than a simple timing, more consideration or for decoration and the taste of ascension and so on. These require the wrist watch is more light, more thin.

For a long time, cheap nixon watches  on the design of the pursuit of thin with practical has never stopped, it creates a classic series of payments is one of the wonders of thin wrist watch industry design. This year, the product master home again to watch more thin, more practical function challenge, create a product Nixon watches ultra-thin masters series wrist watch, show the product’s watchmaker acme technology level. Here, let the home of wrist watch editors take you enjoy it.

8.9 mm according to specification for traditional wrist watch is not “thin”, but valuable is 8.9 mm additional date display, week, month display, calendars, and many other functions into one, such thin wrist watch is very rare. The thin extreme highlights the unremitting pursuit of product Nixon on the tabulation process and on the creativity of concise, for product Nixon as the top TAB as the pioneer in watchmaking constantly pioneering and enterprising added on the achievements of classical meter.

Natural and fluent lines 39 mm stainless steel case, present a perfect radian. After polishing process, texture soft, pure steel quality is clearing through bright color, and dial set each other off becomes an interest, very beautiful.

the dial of cheap nixon watches
From the first point of view, fashion atmosphere of radial drawing black disk conspicuous all the more. Three display panel of the same size, respectively, show the three functions of perpetual calendar: display week 9 time mark position, 3 time mark position display date, 6 time scale shown in position. Dial above, low-key phases of the moon shows follow the orbit of the moon change, showing the moon waxing, changeable appearance form rain or shine. Present a unique style.

Crown show of cheap nixon watches
Same material of fine steel crown, through the design of non-slip texture, feel is exquisite and operation is not smooth, convenient to watch the debugging and crown above product logo, brand unique charm.
Ear wrist watches display
Stainless steel grinding and polishing processing of stainless steel watches, line is fluent, natural radian, feel more comforwatches. It will watch and band together, perfect to show the whole beautiful degree of the wrist watch.
Extraordinary, powerful inner core

Wrist movement of cheap nixon watches
Back through technology on wrist watch, can see through the sapphire crystal glass movement of operation, has a watches of interest. Wrist watch with product type 868 automatic chain machine, vibration frequency is 28800 per hour oscillation frequency, with about 38 hours of power saving.
Wrist strap

The wrist unit button of cheap nixon watches
Tie-in black alligator skin strap, feel comforwatches, neat and easy. Strap connected to a stainless steel buckle folding watchess, can hold and wristbands watches in wrist safety, don’t fall off easily.
Watch the whole show
Conclusion: continuously enterprising, ultra-thin process itself is relatively difficult. Is valuable and date display, week, month display, calendars and elegant coexist the moon display a disk, display product home craftsman’s superior wrist creativity and imagination. Seems modest, yet it is also deeply this year, the home of the most classic watches, like the friends to move fast.

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