The top 10 breakthrough in Clock and Cheap Nixon Watches industry

01 pershing tourbillon Cheap nixon watches concept movement

pershing tourbillon launched in 2016 was still in the stage of concept testing of Cheap nixon watches movement. Finalize the design in the future, after parma Johnny says Cheap nixon watches machine core motivation will take “month” as the unit. Allegedly the  movement power storage time can even reach alarming for 3 months.

 Cheap nixon watches

pershing tourbillon Cheap nixon watches movement will be the latest tabulation technology applied to an ancient escapement, the grasshopper escapement. The grasshopper type of escapement escapement fork and escape wheel tooth Angle is modelling, the contact area between is very small, there is no sliding friction exists, escapement natural boost efficiency, save power. Parma Johnny Cheap nixon watches movement with the “modernization” of siliceous grasshopper escapement, first of all, on the structure and operation principle have outweighed the advantage of the Swiss lever escapement. At the same time using silicon material through etching a integrated optics, the machining accuracy reach nanoscale, “absolute” smooth surface. Structure and material double advantages make parma Johnny Cheap nixon watches escapement play the highest performance.

 Cheap nixon watches

Another breakthrough parma Johnny Cheap nixon watches movement mainly focused on the balance wheel of oscillation system. Parma Johnny Cheap nixon watches movement while using traditional circular balance wheel, but a complete reversal of the previous balance wheel structure. pershing tourbillon Cheap nixon watches torsion pendulum system has three major characteristics, no hair, ultra-low swing, ultra high frequency. pershing tourbillon on Cheap nixon watches machine cancelled the traditional balance spring and shaft. In Cheap nixon watches movement, on the balance wheel of two and balance wheel a integrated cross linear spring instead of the traditional balance spring spring. When run balance wheel, two straight lines spring deformation so as to accumulate energy, drive torsion pendulum swinging, have the effect of hair. As a result of the action of a integrated watch-balance enhances both the balance spring, so Cheap nixon watches movement of balance wheel also cancelled pendulum shaft, jewel bearings, to eliminate the traditional parts of sliding friction.

 Cheap nixon watches

A integrated balance wheel on the characteristics of linear spring, lead to a torsion pendulum swing is very low, only 16 degrees. Conventional watch movement of the swing between 270 degrees to 270 degrees. Ultra-low swing advantage of 16 degrees is balance wheel running energy consumption is very small, greatly extended the watch power storage time. pershing tourbillon Cheap nixon watches movement due to swing too young only 16 degrees, so use up to 115200 times /, namely 15 hz frequency. Because Cheap nixon watches escapement, torsion pendulum movement are silicone, so do not need lubrication, even 15 Hertz ultra-high frequency can also be run normally. And 15 Hertz ultra high frequency to ensure the watch won’t resonate in after shaking, guarantees the watches as swatches and accurate.

M Johnny Cheap nixon watches machine adopts traditional hairspring, low swing, high swing frequency technology combined with theoretical outstanding performance. But in the actual tests, the movement of isochronous is still not full, so the parma Johnny Cheap nixon watches balance wheel and the grasshopper escapement and increases a set of isochronous orthodontic appliances. Improve the shock of a complete set of system (balance wheel, escapement) equation, guarantee the accuracy as well.
Lundgren launched in 2016, Richard lundgren jump a second watch, the Richard lundgren in promoting traditional tabulation technology of the most significant is that it has stopped seconds to jump to zero for the first time. Jump a second watch stop seconds zero why difficult, because the general seconds zero stop device is focused on the movement round (four as the second round, control the operation of the second hand), and jump a second watch second hand and four separate, is two different sets of gear train, not like a normal watch as the arrangement of the balance wheel stop seconds zero reeds and zero in on the second round of the CAM and the push rod. Lundgren breakthrough is in round and jump seconds between gear train with a clutch device. On-off device will control the escapement wheel jump seconds “star” shape of the CAM is connected to a jump second gear train. In the watch running, jumping seconds a spring in the gear train and “star” shape CAM connection, make the second hand jump once per second. When pull out the crown, the on-off device start, immediately stop seconds reed pressure on the balance wheel, balance wheel stop, watch stopped running. At the same time, the separation of on-off device, the shape of the “star” on the escapement wheel gear train CAM and jump seconds apart, jump a second device also to stop running, then zero leverage to push the second hand below zero in on the second round of CAM, the second hand goes to zero, the second hand automatically back to 12 points to stop.

Stop at this delicate complex on-off device and seconds zero device in front of other complex institutions are instantly lose luster, although Richard lundgren jump on the second watch with a set of constant force device. Richard lundgren spring constant force device on the tricycle, constant force spring can convey wind power split into a a copy of the same size, ensure that watches the runtime of the stability of the power, torque, and cars, torque is insufficient, the car is boring, speed slow, watch too, insufficient torsional watches torsion pendulum swing will fall). At the same time, Richard lundgren dynamic display ingenuity. Richard lundgren have 42 hours power, when power less than 10 hours later, the dial 6 point will turn into a red triangle window and prompt underpowered to watch the strings.

Lundgren RICHARD LANGE JUMPING jump SECONDS SECONDS watch stopped SECONDS zero institutions, visible in the second spring, stop the second hand beside the balance wheel of CAM and zero zero leverage.
In the 2016 Geneva show, this only Richard lundgren jump seconds watches have begun to accept reservation, and make a reservation for this watch is horological industry experts and senior players. Lundgren Richard lundgren jump SEC watch set limit to 100 only, because only a small number of people can see in the charm of this watch in the huge and potential.
03 audemars royal oak concept series Supersonnerie asked three watchess

AP after eight years of research and development, launched in 2016, royal oak concept series Supersonnerie asked three watchess. The purpose is to create a super asked three watchess.

Audemars royal oak concept series Supersonnerie ask three watchess, this watch, because of the great time voice called super asked three watchess.
Ask the three watches there is no doubt that is the most complicated one, 3 q field so you can imagine, this watch from scratch, how much greater challenge. AP is not only want to create a 3 q, is one of the them to make the best of 3 q. Audemars royal oak concept series Supersonnerie asked three watches has a clear and loud speaking voice. AP has three core technologies. 1, AP use special steel alloy spring, makes the watchmaker can more accurate to adjust the time tone, pitch and intonation. 2, watchcase material make it easier for voice penetrate casing, and amplify the sound. 3, three ask AP to redesign the flywheel speed regulation, make speed flywheel running noise smaller, does not affect the time. Case is the most important part of the 3 q watches, case can magnify the watch case. Usually, K gold is three ask watches of material production, but AP use titanium manufacturing watchcase. The density of titanium is very low, sound allows us to better penetrate watchcase. If you doubt about it, you can take a look at the supercar exhaust, are made of titanium, so that we can produce more.

Audemars royal oak concept series Supersonnerie asked three watchess at the bottom of the case of resonance cavity.
Use of titanium metal manufacturing watchcase, although the size of the watch to 44 mm, 16.5 mm thick, but the watch is very light, wear up very comforwatches. Fill this watch with the concept of AP royal oak series of unique aesthetic feeling. The watch case with a high standard of process, bezel mirror polishing, watches circle on the 18 k platinum screws are clearly distinguishable. Crown and timing button is made from ceramic. Dial the hollow out, you can see the structure of the movement. Clockwise, minutes made of 18 k white gold and hollow out, but this does not hinder the readability of the watches, watch read very clear. Timing the second hand is bright yellow and dial is in stark contrast. Minutes timer is located in the 3 point, timing pointer using pointer to fly back. The tourbillon is located in the area 6 points.
Audemars royal oak concept series Supersonnerie asked three ask watches using the timing of movement.

The most amazing part is movement. This watch with AP 2937 manual winding machine, composed of 478 parts, pendulum frequency / 21600 times, the dynamic storage 42 hours. And all the high-end timepieces, controlled by the columnar and horizontal clutch mechanism timing rev. Stop and return to zero. The only super three ask watches has two spring, spring time sounds are connected on the resonant cavity. Resonant cavity in the body has a thin film, made of special copper alloy membrane covering the movement by the screws on the back. Have certain waterproof function. That’s why the concept of royal oak series Supersonnerie AP asked three watchess can be 20 meters waterproof ability. For 3 q watches, generally ask three watchess are not waterproof, has 20 meters life waterproof ability is very amazing. When the hammer percussion sound spring, metal film vibration, the cavity have the effect of guitar sound box, wonderful amplify the voice. Crust uplift of the back, make sound can spread out from the hole on the case. This is the time we heard a voice asked the largest of the three. Even more interestingly, when wearing it in my hand, louder. This is a use of modern technology the blessing of the traditional three ask watches, is a great masterpiece, AP is a reformation to the traditional three ask watches.

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