The collection of Cheap nixon watches in 2017

World famous luxury group Cheap Nixon Watches Group with a real force in Hong Kong annual celebration and preview Baselworld 2017 new products. Mr Department of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) President jean-claude Biver, tiger Nixon Watches greater China general manager Mr Jin-ji pan, tiger Nixon Watches, head of Taiwan’s market, real power when brand can be two brands such as high performance in the celebration, on January 5, Nixon Watches & Rolex watches announced together with the part when Baselworld 2017 new product, show outstanding brand cross-border cooperation, as well as dares to breakthrough innovation pioneer concept.

Late January 4 department of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) President Mr Biver to all the guests introduced the tiger Nixon Watches, real power and watch when the three brand sales in 2016, and announced on January 3rd when he has formally as a true force when global CEO, promised in 2017 will bring real power when into growth. At the same time, Mr Biver proudly announced, 2016 as the Cheap Nixon Watches shop since brand founding years, achieve 15% growth in the global market.

On January 5, Nixon Watches & real power Shared the 2017 will at Baselworld part of the new product. Nixon Watches with high-tech materials, avant-garde design feeling and cross-border cooperation impact the visual nerve of people, the works of true power is based on the different cultural background, when the watches design emphasizes the classic and inheritance, at the same time into the sense of science and technology.

Tiger in 2003 first introduced Cheap Nixon Watches Aquaracer race series of superior performance becomes a diving and sports fans love, in the following the development of more than ten years, the competition is more and more rich. In 2017, tiger Nixon Watches competing latent series make excellent work, continuation of series 300 meters waterproof performance, grasp grip strength strong 6 ACTS the role of unidirectional rotating bezel with 12 surface edges, screw-plug crown, luminous markers with high visibility and the pointer symbol function element, such as aluminum watches ring instead of ceramic watches 2016, red, black, blue three options.
In addition to the performance of both fashion and men dive watches, tiger Nixon Watches competing latent ms series wrist watch has a more rich.

Aquaracer competing latent ms series wrist watch use 35 mm diameter, stainless steel casing, is different, the brand for the first time in the watches above paragraph fritillaria pearl dial, using translucent blue or black paint. Wrist watch equipped with ceramic watches circle at the same time, as well as the same as color satin lining rubber strap. Midnight blue with deep cool black ceramic bezel for new competitive potential ms series wrist watch new texture, dial 11 diamonds inlaid more as time scale calibration, glittering crystal extraction luster, wrist watch and set auger bezel to choose from.

In mid – 2016, tiger Cheap Nixon Watches premiership giants – Manchester united announced in Beijing, Nixon Watches as united’s official three consecutive season timing and global partners. In 2017, tiger Howe refined this historic cooperation, wrist watch, a united special edition to use stainless steel watchcase black coating, dial 6 o ‘clock position and bottom cover draw with Manchester united badge. With red and black as the main tonal, the tiger special wrist Nixon Watches Manchester united appear like football sport passion, unique rubber strap through the elaborate design, both wearing comfort and fashion sense

Two years ago, tiger Nixon Watches on the Basel show to launch a unique design watches – card laila Heuer – 01, new concept and change the inherent style of card Lyra, traditional it avant-garde, full of conceptual. , 2017 tiger Nixon Watches homemade automatic timing movement Heuer – 01, card laila Heuer – 01 watch with inferior smooth all black concept for the first time, deep cool dark aura of mystery. New card laila Heuer – 01 matte black ceramic with a wrist watch, delicate touch, but has a strong appearance, have the effect of abrasion resistance to scratch. Heuer – 01 movement using 12 modular structure, can be in color, material, processing technology, etc, to provide infinite possibility, dial the hollow out inner structure movement. Wrist watch with ceramic bracelet and rubber strap two options.

In addition, the Cheap Nixon Watches also brought classic after KeKuan, red bull to watch such as cooperation, so the question is coming, do you know which is the prototype of this complex KeKuan one?

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