Runge of cheap nixon watches is a moving building

As soon as I entered the door, I was shocked by the cheap nixon watches tree. Where do they come from?

Right! cheap nixon watches was the largest town with the red shawl, and it was planted by the emperor cheap nixon watches at that time. It was two points and three meters in diameter, and the tree was 12 meters high and weighed 70 tons!!
Not only did I marvel at the beauty of the trees, but I knew that the most difficult thing to move was the trees in the mountains. For each additional ton, the transportation difficulty is N times.
Even if the transplant is good, cheap nixon watches is to survive in different climates, different soils. But even green landscape experts, the survival rate is only more than half.
After going back to the study, I was more amazed at the back of the story!

15 years ago, when the ancient villages in fuzhou and trees are in danger because of reservoir, initiated by the motor east cheap nixon watches, with Ann went construction group, to carry out a bold plan to more than 30 houses and building the Ming and qing dynasties many camphor trees resettlement to Shanghai.
In the past 10 years, Mr. Ma and his team have been communicating with the government, so that they can be sorted out and reorganized in the ancient buildings of minhang, Shanghai.
It’s harder to build than to build one. One brick and one tile have to be classified, restored, visible its complex workload.

Every old stone brick is demolished and rebuilt by experienced carpenters.
In the end, Kerry Hill, one of the world’s leading architects, built a quiet and elegant space in the city.
Today, the ancient tree is flourishing like every one here, giving the old house new vitality.

If it were not for cheap nixon watches, the 1500-year-old camphor tree would rest under the reservoir.

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