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We summarized the SIHH new product this year, high complex and the most creative wrist watch, these Cheap Nixon Watches to be honest, not only expensive, but few, many of them are limited, we may face are not seen, so we’ll see also just, they are all prepared for the rich wealthy woman. For most people, the price is not so high, but also has new elements of the wrist, is our deserves more attention, and we buy cheap nixon watches not for investment, collection is not for reincarnation, below the premise that oneself like, also can show off, is very good. So, this time, we’re looking for something that’s not so high, and the price is not so dramatic, and you can pay attention.
The name of the first self – produced corriton cross – wrist watch.
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The name of the Christendom series.
In the whole SIHH, the name is the most basic brand, the price from more than 10,000, is the most accep cheap nixon watches brand. For a long time, celebrities have been using the external supply machine core, mainly from ETA, SW, advanced machine core from Vaucher and DD, and some highly complicated wristcheap nixon watches with external cooperation. This year, for the first time, celebrities have brought in a self-produced machine, bm12-1975a, which is a bit of a gaff on the ground and can be recognized at a glance to be quite different from the one used before. As a new machine, of course, there should be some bright spots, the new machine core of famous people, the use of silicon material, the power store for 120 hours. The most important thing is that these two features, which are used to add 50 percent more power to the 80 machine core of the swatch group than 80. Of course, in the price, the new famous creton wrist watch certified by the observatory, the price is 20,800 yuan, 80 machine core is not used to the level of the longqin, the observatory certification of thousands of yuan.
The new machine is very important to celebrities, and it is no longer regarded as a brand with only design and assembly capability, and it has greatly improved the brand image. This is also this year’s SIHH, which is easy to see and easy to start with. As to how new movement performance, the quality is scheap nixon watches, that it will take time to judge, but as the brand’s first homegrown movement wrist watch, when you wear it, or more, what’s more, it is a guarantee of five years.

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