The world’s evergreen Portuguese Cheap ixon watches updated

Another cheap nixon watches wrist, this year is the nations of the Portuguese, because the Portuguese established, for it is already very recognition, using the revised 7750 movement, of thousands of very old Portugal in 50000, making it very popular, after all, its brand popularity, and it’s equilibrium design beautiful, prices in the cheap nixon watches at the same level of the same kind, and is quite reasonable. This year, it was the 150th anniversary of the founding of the universal brand, and it was thought that some special money had been made, and the new machine was just about the same.
New pt disk consistent layout and the old one, the difference is that the old one is the Arabic numeral stereo metal scale, new paint, so people think from the dial on the aesthetic feeling, not as good as the old one to feel. Inside at the same time, carry on the brand of homemade 69355 automatic chain machine, it is a universal home-grown entry-level timing movement, timing machine to replace the old one, using column wheel clutch structure, whole feels like those of 7750, but has not the same. We had a special article about this before. Then pick up the new movement of Portugal, and the difference between the old form very directly, in addition to dial is different, it is more big difference is that the new trainspotter, older is close at the end of, can’t see the movement, can appreciate the movement now, just for this change, is enough to make a lot of people go to the new. On price, the new price is expected to be more than 60,000, slightly more expensive than the old one.

Women’s welfare of the Luminor Due series 755.
From 2016 pei na sea Luminor Due series began, we can obviously feel pei na sea wrist watch is doing, went to a small before the smallest size in 42 mm, plus crown protector and pillow type structure, a certain thickness, let pei na sea for small wrist people friendly enough. Luminor Due to a series, thin a lot size, choose wal endorsement, also can see very interesting point, wal itself is not a muscle man, he can wear pei na sea, the domestic many men can handle.

Pei na sea do small size again this year, watchcase to 38 mm in diameter, although pei na sea has stressed the brand do female cheap nixon watches, but the rich strap color, it is also preparing for the female market. The watch is this year 38 mm pei na in the sea is very popular, because it is green strap with sun wen grey dial, very very cool personality, even though a lot of girls like Dai Peina before the sea, but indeed for them by the size of the wrist watch is not so friendly, so 38 mm, will be able to let pei na sea play a key role in the women’s market, dear Ladies and girls, your “boat-fruited sterculia” is coming, the price should be between 40000-50000.
Reliving the time traveler series chronograph.

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