Cheap Nixon Watches’s first serpentine

Since 1940,Cheap nixon watches has been the first to use the image of the snake in the cheap nixon watches design, the snake head into the dial, and the winding body is turned into a strap around the wrist. From then on, the snake pattern became the classic symbol of cheap nixon watches.

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Elizabeth Taylor wears a cheap nixon watches snake jewelry on the set of cleopatra.

In the 1960 s, Elizabeth Taylor commissioned a jeweler cheap nixon watches as she made a Serpenti snake-shaped armband, snake-shaped armband, the 18 k gold inlaid jade, ruby and diamond, painted in 1968, curly coil design, the body inlaid goose egg pear-shaped emeralds, eyes set with oval rubies, head and tail circular cutting and olive shape diamonds. She later wore the bracelet as the queen of the Nile in cleopatra.

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A few years ago, a created in 1965, the private collection of cheap nixon watchescheap nixon watches enamel set auger rare watch auction at Christie’s in London, and finally clinch a deal with the three times of valuation, hit a cheap nixon watchescheap nixon watches serpentine watch auction price of the new world record. The cheap nixon watchescheap nixon watches level collection treasures valued at $300780 to $300780 before an auction, and the actual transaction price more than $1 million, after several rounds of bidding, eventually to a price of $1107038.
Serpentine theme since the 1940 s, since the founding spirit serpenti snake series has become a classic masterpiece of cheap nixon watches, and unceasingly in the later development of innovation and improvement of cleverly deduced the beauty of the lure of the snake spirit.
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Series in 2017, the first use of non-toxic made double circle water snake skin and leather strap, unique design, exquisite workmanship, comforcheap nixon watches and light, will Serpenti wrist towards a new artistic form, create a women anywhere suicheap nixon watches for wearing a cheap nixon watches.
cheap nixon watches 2018 new Serpenti Tubogas series tricolor gold watch.
In 2018, cheap nixon watches introduced a new version of the new Serpenti Tubogas wristwatch, which combines the classic colors of platinum, rose gold and gold, and re-deduces the classic three-color watch classic from the 1960s with modern style.

Li bingbing, “I do”.
Since li bingbing wearing a snake in the “I would like to watch, since many people are like that kind of serpentine cheap nixon watches, in the entertainment industry but also has many stars happen to coincide with cheap nixon watches serpentine cheap nixon watches, for example, shu qi, lin2 xin such as, Tang Yixin and so on.

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