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The end of February, 2018, just after the New Year, the domestic we should, nixon digital watch original invitation to USA to participate in the Newyork film festival, and visited the case he’s original cheap nixon watches factory, this is an unforgetwatch journey. Gerasuti is one of USA’s most famous watchmakers and a true inheritor of the town’s long history. , he said, is located in the capital of the state of Saxony dresden about 30 kilometers, south town, landscape is similar to the canyon, both sides is the mountains, give a person the feeling is very natural, very quiet, yet it is not such a noisy unremarkable town, but nixon watches prices is a tabulation of more than 170 years history, nixon watches amazon  create the clock works make the world admire.

Know, nixon watches cyber monday in the history of watchmaking watch friends all know, Saxony early in silver and prosper, its rulers is one of the seven “nixon watches sale”, which is of the holy Roman emperor. Several generations of Saxony have been crazy about art, collecting the “green vault” in dresden today, which is a testament to the region’s rich artistic traditions and accomplishments. As the mining area gradually finished, there was no advantage of other industries, but gradually declined. Half of the 19th century, the first batch of qualified watchmaker (s) in case he clocks and watches, starts to make, they to he tabulation lay a solid foundation for industry, under the support of the government, they not only establish brand, clocks and watches will be sold to other countries, and develop the local clocks and watches, clocks and watches and order them for their part, since then, “he said, tabulation gradually formed a kind of industrial cluster, and, more importantly, with sophisticated tabulation technology, case he tabulation is one of the famous gradually, has become the symbol of high quality watches and clocks, and the local clock and watch brand, is willing to crown the name of” nixon smart watches “, to reflect its precious nixon watches canada sale value.
Adolf Frederick lundgren, deanne Julius, assmann, Murray, grossman, adolf schneider is without a doubt he’s pioneers of advanced tabulation, they not only created a case he advanced tabulation industry, at the same time also has trained a lot of clocks and watches, and pioneered the case he’s tabulation unique style: From 1850 s to 1860 s, he said, produced by the clock, by 1/2 plywood transition to two-thirds of plywood, after to 3/4 splint, covered from box spring to escape wheel all moving parts, such as the movement is swatch, and was highly popular use blue steel screws and gold fixed bearing sleeve. From the 1840 s until the 1910 s, he watchmaking booming, famous overseas nixon watches zumiez accumulated the tabulation of the rich, even then experienced the baptism of the war, but always adhere to the tabulation, uninterrupted. In 1951, the east USA government consolidated the seven factories in the town of grazuti and set up the people’s watch factory. Until after the reunification, people watch company reorganization become today’s case he’s original tabulation, complete inherited the town since established in 1845, tabulation of industrial technology, process and other valuable assets, and in the late 1990 s into the swatch group. So, when a watch enthusiast set foot on the land of grassuti, the heart was touched.

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Grazutti original watch factory.

Grazudi’s original watch factory, a modern, transparent building on the fourth floor, stands out in the modest, quaint houses that show the modern watchmaker. It has always been the site of the people’s watchmaking factory, and in 2003, cheap nixon watchesmade the original renovation and took on a new look. Walk into the hall of the meter factory, because of the glass roof and form an impressive broad sense, natural lighting is also very good. Here is he’s original factory headquarters, possessive he’s original precision clock, production and assembly here, the brand has 100% of the independent research and development ability, can produce more than 95% of the clock parts, clocks and watches of holds the complete manufacturing process, and, more importantly, case he’s original representative works of high complex, also done here. Of course, he also have their own original dial factory, located in deptford, haim, distance, he said, 600 km, there was a USA “city of gold, the holy land of top class gem craft.
As we know, modern manufacture of watches is not the past already pure handmade, with advanced equipment and scientific management process, combined with lots of touching decorative and assembly, watches and clocks become so delicate and elegant. Case he’s original have clocks and watches of advanced production equipment, raw materials of the cutting, make an outline of the required parts, then the manual deburring, ensure smooth surface, by surveying and mapping equipment, more to parts of different position precision measurement, to comply with the design standard, when the blank parts is completed, then finishing process.

Fine jewelry is mainly divided into several parts: coating, texture polishing, chamfer processing, hand-carved, screw and blue, etc. Different processes, must be controlled by experienced watchmaker, the coating is mainly rhodium or galvanization, the brass surface is coated with a protective color, which is beautiful, and can prevent the oxidation of brass. Texture grinding including case he’s columnar grain, pearl grain, the grain and so on, belongs to the decorative texture, make movement in smooth shadow irregular change the attractive effect, by different grinding equipment, operated by technicians from experience, to ensure uniform texture, depth is consistent. Chamfering and polishing looks be like simple, but need to go beyond the average man’s patience and enthusiasm, only small fingernail gooseneck fine-tuning spring contains three different grinding, the surface of the mirror grinding, profile grinding and chamfering grinding 45 degrees, are completed by the technician manually. Original manual sculpture is he’s a sign of advanced tabulation, since the 19th century, he said, since the watch industry into the brilliant, manual sculpture has become, he said, the representation of the advanced TAB style, and even more is considered to be later USA style symbol of tabulation, now, he’s still holds the craftsmanship, original injection artisans of warmth in the cold metal.

When all parts are ready, they will enter the assembly process. One of the most simple movement, but also has more than two hundred pieces of parts, need to be assembled for several hours to complete, and a senior complex wrist, you will need to experienced watchmaker, assembly of more than 20 working days. Different from the conventional brand, all the original wristwatches of grazudi are assembled by independent watchmaker, which requires the experience and accumulation of the watchmaker to master the complete process. When all the assembly is completed, he said, the original will to the most rigorous test of wrist watch, in order to ensure that watches with the highest standards of accuracy, waterproof, shockproof, and other performance. Original in 2016, he’s the first time in 36 movement series wrist watch launched its own certification standards, is a an overall inspection in tabulation factory for 24 days, accuracy requirements more stringent than the famous observatory certification. Each of the 36 core wristwatches will be engraved with a certified seal and an exclusive inspection certificate. The wristwatch is delivered to the consumer, and Mr Grazutti’s original delivery is a quality commitment.
The gerassotti museum in USA.
From the original grazudi original watch factory, to the left side of the building, the USA clock museum is not far away. Museum is the epitome of the history of where each exhibits, he tells the case with you, watchmaking past, in order to keep the precious historical legacy, he said he’s original on the grid, jointly established the “USA he’s horological museum – nicolas, sea” foundation, and built the museum, it is not very big, but he holds the lattice, the ups and downs of watchmaking years, recording the once glorious culture. , the building also has a long history, a watchmaker in 1878 Maurice grossman founded here, he’s the first watch schools, the inventor of the flight the tourbillon, he’s master of tabulation Alfred helwig is a school teacher, this is he, the cradle of watchmaking.
Unique museum exhibits more than 400 pieces of exhibits, contains from 1840 s to today’s various periods, from the early pocket watches, clocks, clocks, sailing observatory chronometer to modern wrist watch, from its distinctive escapement structure model, history honor, patent certificate, tabulation tool to balance wheel balance spring structure, here for you talk about the history of clocks and watches, also present the history TAB. There is no doubt that the museum is a monument to the history of the clock, which guides the clock enthusiasts to ask the ancient questions, and also inspires the watchmakers in the town of grassuti, not forgetting the history and creating magnificence.
Gerasutti, USA

If the museum is to let you know the history, then the gerasti watch school is to lead the future. , he said, the initial success, in addition to because it gathered a batch of outstanding watchmaker, more important reason, lies in the cultivation of the talent, talent qualified watchmaker (s) will be old, but young watchmaker is the source of power to promote the development of clocks and watches. As early as in 1878, in case he can watch industry future evergreen, Maurice grossman decided to start the first USA tabulation schools, cultivating outstanding watchmaker, this initiative will case he watchmaking led to glory. In 2002, in order to continue this tradition, efforts to develop new forces for clocks and watches, for he’s original founded the tabulation school again, and to “Alfred helwig sea” the name, salute the pioneer had led a flight the tourbillon TAB.
Here, will receive hundreds of applications each year, whereas only 28 to attend a three-year training course, the school to provide theory and field training, of which 24 will have the opportunity to become a real watchmaker, four can become a tool. Tools for TAB is also very important, he’s original tool has its own production department, can provide handy tabulation tool for watchmaker, promote efficiency, and promote the quality of the clock. They will be eligible to work directly in the factory.

cheap nixon watchesoriginal watch repair workshop.
In the past 170 years of history, time will be able to wash away a lot of things, leaving behind is undoubtedly the most precious, if these precious cannot get due attention, will be a great loss. Case he’s original antique clock repair workshop is shouldering the guardian history mission, here, the restorer not only maintained the case he’s horological museum collection, but also accept the private collection of repair. They experienced, superb skills, and Mr. He’s original for the whole case he’s inherited the traditional technology, the drawings and parts TAB in case he make they can face the past 173 years, from a pocket watch, clock and watch, etc., including case he sites a watchmaker.
It’s difficult to imagine, on such a small and quiet land, there have been so grand and the history of the legendary, he said, is a tabulation of pearl in USA, and Mr. He’s original inheritance, he completely, tabulation of cultural traditions, the tabulating the unremitting pursuit of art, the protection of the culture and carry forward, pay attention to the development of new forces, case he’s original also embodies the humanistic spirit in the USA TAB.

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