The charm of the Cheap Nixon watches design is “gentleman” and “sexy”

When you look at a cheap nixon watches, how does it catch your eye? It is the vivid color that lets you see your life, is the design of the personality makes you think this is the style you want, or is it beautiful and the core makes you always reluctant to put down this cheap nixon watches? Maybe it’s both, maybe it’s not, and there’s no reason to like it. In my limited career in the wristcheap nixon watches industry, the love of the cheap nixon watches is a big part of the motivation, and the original source of this is from the love of the cheap nixon watches’s core. It’s an unfamiliar area, and many people find it boring, but it’s not a problem for a tech guy. Both the clock and cheap nixon watches, machine core is the key part of the inner, fancy appearance again, again with artistic decoration, it is a cheap nixon watcheses, you must be a good movement, even if you don’t care about, no attention, but for the TAB, this is the basic professional demands.
I like the machine core more than the appearance of the cheap nixon watches, I can’t tell why. No matter how times change, each big labels for persistent movement, is a consistent, perhaps from the appearance of the cheap nixon watches, you can see the characteristics of an era, and from the machine, you can feel that s the temperature of the cheap nixon watchesmaker. cheap nixon watchesmakers have different tastes and tastes, which are embodied in the machine core, and form their own style, which finally establishes the unique flavor of the brand.
The classic of curvy elegance is such a gentleman.
We always say the design of the cheap nixon watches, what style, and in my eyes, the machine core also has its own style. When we tell a traditional classic search, often focused on the movement, because of the classic wrist cheap nixon watches, although it looks very tasty, but the most easy to let a person heart speeds up, must be extremely beautiful movement. Tradition is the foundation of the cheap nixon watchesmaking industry, and the essence of this is the manual tabulation. Until now, many of the top cheap nixon watchesmakers still believe in the value and significance of manual tabulation. Manual tabulation is costly and costly, but it is worth it because it is irreplaceable.
The attraction of manual tabulation, there are two main ones, one is the structure of the machine core, one is the polishing. Overall design is refers to the movement of the whole structure of arrangement, and the detail place of aesthetic elements, the structure of the movement, so several generally speaking, of course I said is normal movement, complex function. Conventional machine core is several parts: the original dynamic system (clockwork box), gear train of transmission gear train (middle), escapement system (tackled longitudinal fork, escapement wheel), the oscillation system (cheap nixon watches-balance enhances hair), the article on the dial needle (vertical, clutch, dial needle wheel, etc.). So it’s not complicated, especially if you don’t have a chain system, you know where it is. This has not changed much from the traditional pocket cheap nixon watches to the current wristcheap nixon watches movement. But have a taste of movement, it will be a little different, first of all, the plywood will do have a lot of aesthetic feeling, winding curve, straight line is rigid, a blend between the two, beauty, compared to common straight movement, they have their own aesthetic elements, and this is in fact the brand or a gesture of the cheap nixon watchesmaker. Grinding, it is more the taste of the machine core, a lot of polishing and polishing, will make the machine core appear extremely delicate, and a lot of sandblasting will appear very industrial sense.
Patek philippe
We see most of the famous brand, its core has a very similar side, that is the layout is beautiful, polished fine. It especially in this let a person deeply infatuated with some brand, patek philippe, Phillipe Dufor, lundgren, bao Po, Lang & Heyne, palmer Johnny, vacheron constantin, Laurent Ferrie, etc., these brands in terms of design and grinding machine core, is undoubtedly the industry leaders, they represent the real beauty of the classic TAB. When you get that some brands of wrist cheap nixon watches, don’t forget to see the machine, polishing, the light of the unique decorative shows the movement of the administrative levels and gloss change, plywood curve around back, components of personality, all that movement transfer value to keep improving, and that also reflects the traditional tabulation of feelings. Obviously, such a machine core, is worthy of careful taste, is able to be narcissistic, is worth to be treasured.
Love hollowness is bone feeling is also sexy.
Hollow out, in the cheap nixon watches often just refers to a kind of craft, but when it becomes a kind of style, the machine core can present an unusual character and sex appeal. Many top brands have hollow out of the machine, but only a few brands, will it as a unique style, and a large number of use, here there are two main brands, one is the Roger dubuis, one is Richard mills. Roger dubuis early wrist cheap nixon watches is not in hollow out, even in addition to the cheap nixon watches case, movement or bias from the traditional style, but in recent years, king series, cheap nixon watches of wrist of frequent breakthrough, make hollow out the Roger dubuis a feature.
We often think, hollow out just the stopcheap nixon watches in does not affect the operation of the redundant bits, but in fact do not good-looking, but seem to be busy, really advanced hollow out, would be a perfect fusion of plywood and movement is not only a unique visual plywood, right to machine core coated in, too. Roger dui’s star-shaped hollowed-out, black coating process, very black technology, and a sense of interstellar sci-fi, is consistent with the brand’s avant-garde style. So we see that the hollowed-out movement of Roger dupe is so harmonious, the core is quietly integrated, and the splint structure is very tense.
Richard mill is not to mention, it is the black technology brand in the cheap nixon watches itself, what technology is advanced to use what technology, what material other people cannot use, it USES what material. Richard mir wrist movement, has the be clear at a glance the skeleton, the strong point on the movement, in conformity with the cross point on the skeleton, from the skull to almost all of the other cheap nixon watcheses, Richard mills are hollow out or half hollow out, that kind of extremely exaggerated modelling is to let a person have a boiling passion.
Chanel such hollow out, is completely after careful design and calculation and implementation, it is not a simple traditional movement to hollow out, but need to machine core structure and splint modelling total integration to arrange, it has been beyond the concept of traditional hollow out, this movement is very sexy.
Not too much fancy spelling is reliable and reliable.
If the above brands have a strong visual impact, then these brands have a strong heart in the face of nothing. In the tabling world, there are three brands that are considered to be very simple, rolex, omega and the world, which should be said to be the three big brothers in the luxury brand, and also a dividing line. Movement characteristics of these three brands are obviously not high complex as the direction, not on the basis of superior technology, rely on strong technical force, make movement is reliable, reliable, and more reliable, while retaining the necessary polishing.
In addition to omega, with some decorative grinding, rolex and movement of the nations, decorative grinding degree is not high, functional burnish is some, of course, their main focus is on the reliability of the machine itself, rolex machine core patents, is for the ascension movement performance, higher efficiency, lower loss, more accurate completion of from the suspension, balance spring, fine-tuning, tooth, lubricating oil, box spring, escapement structure, automatic chain system and so on, don’t pass any details. In addition to the necessary decoration polishing, the use of coaxial escapement, self-regulating wheel structure and anti-magnetic materials all reflects the practical side. The same is true for all countries, with a continuous upgrading of the woodpecker chain system with better materials and an ideal structure, as well as a structural upgrade to improve stability in timing and power dynamics.
The style of the cheap nixon watches machine core, in fact, reflects the basic style of the brand, the appearance is easy to change, but the core is the foundation of the brand.

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