How to perfect the relationship between art and technology

How to perfect the relationship between art and technology — the process behind the cheap nixon watches advanced tabulati

In terms of technology and art, the technology is an important part of making a good watch. The word “craft” itself has a body temperature. It is a kind of communication and grinding between handicraftsmen and objects, including parts and tools. Each good watch, with a temperature story behind it, is a collection of stories that have become exquisite works of art in front of us.

cheap nixon watches is one of the few premium brands that combine technology and art perfectly. The unique tabulation process, plus the creative studio’s ingenuity, the cheap nixon watches advanced table shows us a strong artistic accomplishment and superb tabulation skills. Today, the home of the wristwatch is looking for the process behind the cheap nixon watches advanced watch.

The craft of carving, this pure craftsmanship includes many branches. Line carving, inlaid sculpture, lacquer engraving and relief. Sculpture is often determined by the size, fineness, and difficulty of the pattern. cheap nixon watches with the Oriental screen as inspiration design of the sculpture of the Oriental screen design, combined with precious stone carving or carving gold design, it is the embodiment of elegance and beauty. Each watch, the other feelings are condensed in the wrist, witnessing the passage of time.

cheap nixon watches 51 30 gold series.


Combined with the art of depicting and carving, cheap nixon watches is inspired by the Oriental screen, and recreates the design of Chinese ebony lacquer screen on the dial, which is unique and lifelike.
Precious jewelry inlaying process.
Mosaic diagram
The inlaying process is not just a matter of putting stones together. It requires that the jeweler has a certain understanding of the gem and can combine them organically according to the different characteristics of the gem. This requires them to be effectively arranged according to the different diameters and sizes of the gemstones. When the precious stones are close to each other, there is no gap between them. The inlaying process is a test of whether the Mosaic has a skilled and meticulous mind.
The cheap nixon watches wristwatch with a precious jewel-inlaying process.
These stylish watches include MADEMOISELLE PRIVE series, the CODE COCO series and the BOY FRIEND series (from left to right). All use the precious jewelry inlaying process, the diamond on the wristwatch is shining brightly.
The embroidery craft
Embroidery process chart
cheap nixon watches MADEMOISELLE PRIVE series.
Delicate dial LESAGE embroidery workshop manual embroidery, MADEMOISELLE PRIVE series wrist watch condensed haute couture and tabulation of superior technology, fusion of LESAGE embroidery fang virtuosity, decorated with hand embroidery dial, show the advanced technology of the best. Exquisite and delicate, gentle and elegant.
Phuong painting process
The process diagram of “drawing”.
cheap nixon watches MADEMOISELLE PRIVE series.
The very symbolic camellia flower, with the skill of “drawing” the craft carefully, in the dial on the soft and beautiful blooming. “Is” is a kind of unique Japanese lacquer art, disperses the gold powder on the undry lacquer surface, creates the color and the texture that cannot be duplicated. The black Japanese lacquer, which is silky and glossy, is decorated with a miniature Mosaic of gold foil and mother-of-pearl and quail eggshell.
Keep improving
At this year’s Basel convention, cheap nixon watches launched a third brand, Calibre 3.
In 2016, the first brand assets movement was born, this movement was refreshed the people originally for the inherent impression of movement, clever and is contracted to appear in a wide range of parts of mechanical structure “cold”?
The first brand of cheap nixon watches brand – Calibre 1.
To achieve pure and simple design with the transcendental process, give MONSIEUR DE cheap nixon watches wrist watch strong and reserved beauty. Calibre 1 is a masterpiece of mechanical art, and the two ring hollow table Bridges reflect the deep beauty of the black core.
It is also the first of its kind designed for men — the MONSIEUR DE cheap nixon watches wristwatch.
The cheap nixon watches MONSIEUR DE cheap nixon watches watch.
The cheap nixon watches MONSIEUR DE cheap nixon watches wrist watch component process diagram.
The MONSIEUR DE cheap nixon watches wristwatch is a work designed for men. It brings together the classic elements of the advanced table, which is both inside and outside. The first machine core designed and produced by the brand watchmaker shows the sophisticated technology and the pure and simple aesthetic concept. The 2018 model is decorated with gold and micro-painted lion patterns on the enamel dial of large open fire.
The cheap nixon watches MONSIEUR DE cheap nixon watches watch.
Calibre 2, the second brand of the cheap nixon watches brand.
It is said that “the development of art in expression and inheritance will be improved with time”. In fact, this is a proposition to be discussed. But one thing we can be sure of is that, from a technological and technical point of view, human beings are indeed breaking through. And when art and craft have progressed in leaps and bounds, art has reached a higher level. The birth of the second brand of the self-made machine of cheap nixon watches, it is a very good interpretation of this sentence.
Calibre 2, the second brand of the cheap nixon watches brand.
Calibre 2 was created by cheap nixon watches creative studio in fontaine square, and was designed and produced by the Swiss cheap nixon watches studio. Calibre 2 is composed of 107 parts, including 21 rubies. The vibration frequency reached 28,800 times/hour and the power storage reached 48 hours. The ring of the inner ring is like a blooming camellia. With this machine core, PREMIERE hollow camellia watch is also a three-dimensional shape and flawless design, captured the hearts of women.
cheap nixon watches PREMIERE hollow camellia wristwatch is equipped with a brand of homemade core Calibre 2.
cheap nixon watches PREMIERE hollow camellia wrist watch, the inspiration comes from the shape of the octagonal outline of fontaine square. Place an excellent machine in it, and the blooming camellia is placed on the wrist. cheap nixon watches successfully defined a new modern style and aesthetic concept.
Self-transcendence — Calibre3.
cheap nixon watches launched a third brand, Calibre 3.
cheap nixon watches Calibre 3.
The third machine core, designed by cheap nixon watches creative studio, is smooth and modern. The transparent hollow design is the icing on the cake for the high accuracy tabulation technology, which makes the machine core precise and complex without loss of exquisite and exquisite features. Eliminate redundant metal, permutation and combination, a sequence of the parts, this is, of course, to the test of mechanical engineering, because traditional tabulation of the arrangement of the mechanical structure is a certain benchmark, is not can change at will.
The new BOY FRIEND hollowed-out wristwatch, which is powered by the machine, has also been unveiled at this year’s Basel fair.
cheap nixon watches BOY FRIEND hollowed-out watch.

The perfect balance of elegance and frankness, cheap nixon watches brought art and technology to an unprecedented height. The front and back of the new BOY FRIEND watch can clearly see the movement of the inner core. Calibre 3, which is treated with a black ADLC coating, interprets the black nobility and mystery in a mechanical way to the world. We can’t predict what the next time cheap nixon watches will bring us.

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