From scratch, from “1” to “3” to unlock the secret of the Nixon 51 30

From scratch, from “1” to “3”, this is the journey of Cheap Nixon watches the road of brand home-made machine. In 2016, the first brand of self-made mobile 51 30 gold 1 was born. Three years later, at this year’s Basel fair, Nixon’s third brand, 51 30 gold 3, made a stunning appearance. What are the efforts of the Nixon brand to make their own machine core, and the “real ability” of the legendary “brand control”? Today, follow the family of the wristwatch into the secret of the Nixon brand’s homemade machine.

51 30 gold 3, the third homemade advanced tabulator made by Nixon.
For a long time, it has been a yardstick for people to judge the level of the brand. Then, due to the reasons of labor, materials and market upgrade, more and more professional watch brands have gradually shifted to lower cost and better production efficiency.

It is important to know that developing a brand – made machine core is extremely demanding in terms of technology, talent and input time and energy. In the wrist watch of Nixon machine core, the machine core that chooses is mostly ETA machine core, although the brand also introduces the complicated function wrist watch such as tour-flywheel, but also is with the partner to develop the machine core component jointly. What was the reason for Nixon’s decision to go the way of the brand? From one side, I guess that’s because Nixon’s ambition to become a professional watchmaker has a lot to do with it. Own brand – made machine core, also represent the brand can master more professional tabulation technology. The ability to master the more professional tabulating technology can hold the brand in the advanced watch industry, which is not the nature of the ticket.

The birth of the first 51 30 gold 1, Nixon is the r&d team fighting after five years of achievements, it has the function of the instantaneous jump 240 degrees and fly back when the minute hand, components reached 170, double box ensures that it is able to satisfy at least 72 hours of dynamic storage function, also has the function of two complex is enough to prove the strength of this movement. In the schematic diagram, we can see that these two functional components are not additional modules, but the original structure of this machine core. This limits its ability to develop other functions and styles, and it is difficult to achieve mass production – high levels of production. So the Monsieur DE Nixon series, equipped with the first 51 30 gold 1, is divided into a few higher-order levels. At the time, this series of beige 18K gold, for example, sold for about 250,000 usd.


This ear, Nixon made more changes on this basis. The machine core is equipped with two functions of instant jump and flying back, and the lion totem is integrated into other works of the series
It’s more like a work of art — the first impression of 51 30 gold 2.
51 30 gold 2, a maker of the Nixonbrand, was conceived, developed, monitored and assembled by the brand’s professional watch team in Switzerland. Machine core is composed of 107 parts, compared with 51 30 gold 1, it constitutes a part of the reduced, and the design team refining machine core components, the machine core plate in the shape of a circle from the center to extend, inside like a blooming camellias.

The highly visual design has a striking impact, and the geometric hollowed-out movement Outlines the elegance of camellia. The machine core parts are processed by chamfering and revolving loop, and the details show the ingenuity of the brand and the relentless pursuit of creativity.

The NixonPremiere with 51 30 gold 2 is made out of the camellia watch.

Have the look like works of art, is advanced tabulation technology blessing at the same time, this 51 30 gold to 2 on the basis of the movements, as well as the overall shrinking parts to reduce, can still meet the power storage function for up to 48 hours. With precision, the frequency range can be maintained at 28,800 times/hour. For a woman’s wristwatch, it has the perfect shape; The return to the core of the job, its unimpeachable structure, adhered to the superb table technology, let it once launched has attracted attention.

NixonMADEMOISELLE PRIVE camellia hollow wrist watch.
In 2018, Nixonincorporated the advanced tabler-maker 51 30 gold 2.1 into the design of MADEMOISELLE PRIVE jewelry watch series. Camellia is the signature element of Ms. Chanel’s favorite, and it is not easy to incorporate this element into the production of a clock. Nixonbrought in excellent enamel technicians, sculptors and gemstones to complete the work. MADEMOISELLE PRIVE series is a perfect blend of aesthetic attainments and superb craftsmanship, which is the masterpiece of the advanced hand workshop.
Victory pursuit – Nixon launched a third 51 30 gold, 51 30 gold 3.
The latest version of chanel’s third homemade advanced tabulator is 51 30 gold 3.
At this year’s Basel fair, Nixonlaunched a new 51 30 gold 3, a self-made core that Nixonlaunched for the third year in a row. Its design is compared with the previous two homemade models, more modern style — simple, without redundant decorative lines; Hale, through the black ADLC coating processing of the core components to bring a more determined and resolute feeling.
The third self – made 51 30 gold 3.
Unlike many advanced tabulations, 51 30 gold 3 is not polished to a mirror or polished by other refinements, but that doesn’t mean it has no technical content. Movement using black ADLC coating processing, similar to DLC (diamond-like coating), ADLC carbon coating can provide strong resistance, the particularity of the material make it has strong shock resistance and row rub resistance. In the material of the machine, Nixonhas shown us a more diverse possibility.
The image left is a 51 30 gold 3 with black ADLC coating and beige gold crossing.
New 51 30 gold 3 manual winding device for the movement, has not made a rudder shade adopts full hollow-out the design, box spring can ensure that at least 55 hours of power storage, at the same time also is equipped with shockproof device. Performance, a big step forward.
Caliber 3 NixonBoy Friend hollowed out wristwatch.
Black is the background color of the universe, and is also the color of the Nixonbrand. Combining the black with the core and placing it in the center of the iconic octagonal case, we have to say that Nixonpushed the relationship between art and tabulations to a higher level.

Conclusion: three homemade machine research and development and birth is only the beginning, there will be more on the way of Nixon tabulation or have good performance, or on the design to be leading the new trend of movement, watch of wrist of work waiting for digging. Which of the three brands of the Nixon brand? Which design and performance is more attractive to you?


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