Will fire! “Camouflage” offshore

It is not too late to get to the point. This year, love came out with a very good watch, an off-shore type of royal oak. The watch will not go on sale until July 2018, though, according to time on the website. But as soon as I saw the watch, I didn’t even think about it, and I knew that this watch was definitely on fire. Abby puts the watch on the market in the summer, apparently to use the summer’s wrist, to stir up this camouflage. It’s been seen this summer.

The new “camouflage” royal oak offshore chronograph.
The royal oak will fire in color.
There are some tables that we can sum up. Rolex is “green must fire”; The royal oak tree is a “color must fire”. Brothers often bought royal oak, more, there are two kinds.
The first is the most regular royal oak tree of 15400. Steel shell, 41 mm, three – needle calendar. This is also the most classic model of royal oak. It can be fitted with a regular, 3120 core, and the entire watch is in the middle, and the price is the lowest of the royal oak men’s watch. The official price is more than 130,000, and under the discount, exchange rate and secondary market factors, the actual price is not bad.
Love the royal oak 15400.
The second one is the 26470 new offshore chronometer. Steel shell, 42 mm, automatic timing. The new 26470 is now a ceramic timing button (different from the old one) because it is an offshore chronometer, so the watch is bigger and more complex and has a higher configuration. The same is the core, the price is more than 190,000, the actual price is also good.

Royal oak offshore chronometer 27460.
The two royal oaks bought a lot of brothers, but the brothers familiar with the watches knew that the two royal oak trees were “regular” models. Real super fire royal oak, that must be “color” money. As far as I can tell, the most popular royal oak tree last summer was definitely the “color” offshore 15710. “Color” 15710 originally public price is more than 140,000, have green, orange, yellow, white several kinds of match color. As a result, a few beautiful versions of the product are directly overpriced. So, “hot style” in the royal oak tree, it’s not color. The average royal oak tree wants to play the color, and the general royal oak to make a difference, can go up in color (the big brother is very complicated).
This time “camouflage” is worse than “color”.
Royal oak has always been a master of color, what volcano, bumblebee, golden light avenue, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow have been out. In the past, there were some factories in the private sector. Now, love is directly out of the official “camouflage” version. The new “camouflage” offshore timing is much more powerful than the previous “color” offshore model.
Love the royal oak offshore type 15710 fluorescent green.
The brothers know that there are two types of offshore timing, one is 42mm and the other is 44mm. The “camouflage” version is 44 mm, larger than the 26470 4mm version. The 44-mm version USES a ceramic square timing button, which is different from the 42mm ceramic circle button (which can be used to distinguish between 42 and 44 offshore types).
The 44 mm version of the royal oak offshore chronometer is made of ceramic circles, and the camouflage version is a green ceramic ring.
A lot of brothers bought steel shell king oaks. As everyone knows, now both rolex and omega are changing ceramic rings on their sports watches, replacing the steel and aluminum rings with ceramic rings. Because the place that the watch is most easy to knock is a circle, ceramic ring is not afraid to knock, use time to grow not to show old, and ceramic circle will have a kind of burnish, appear the watch is very bright. The regular type of royal oak and offshore, the octagonal ring is a steel ring. The steel ring is afraid to be broken, and there is a fine drawing on the top of the oaks, and it is very easy to impress, which is a common problem of royal oak. The royal oak, especially the offshore type, is big and easy to knock, and the ceramic ring is practical. The new “camouflage” off-shore timing is not only used in ceramic circles, but also in a green ceramic ring, which is very cool (the first time that aii has not used the green ceramic ring before). Rolex steel changed a ceramic ring for several years. The offshore type of green ceramic ring also needs a fire. In the case of “green” on hand, it is estimated that royal oak can PK rolex. The new “camouflage” off-shore timing is very good. Green watch ring, green button, green crown, beige dial, brown timer, these match colors and camouflage, very damp.

The royal oak offshore chronometer.
No one dared to play like that, except for the offshore type.

I was surprised that Abby had made such a “camouflage” for the royal oak. After all, you said anyone else would dare to play like that. Patek philippe, constantin, love these are traditional brands, patek philippe is a 5960A, 5524G is already very “bold”; The rolex watch with a red word is “no more”. There are no other big names in the mainstream. Plus this table is still a steel sheet. The 44mm offshore chronometer is due to its size, many of which are titanium, ceramic, and forged carbon, to reduce weight. But because of the special material, the price will be higher. The watch, with its steel shell, is relatively cheap, showing an advantage in the 44-inch offshore model. We can sum it up. 44 mm, stainless steel case, green ceramic ring, 3126/3840 automatic timing machine core, bottom, camouflage color, first-class brand. This watch brings together all the elements of fire.
The 3126/3840 clock movement is used in the off-shore chronometer.

According to Abby 44 mm steel shell, ceramic ring type offshore hour meter before pricing, this is just camouflage offshore type of timing is very I think how to the RMB 250000 (because the green ceramic ring). There are not many people who can afford it, so I think it will be about the same as the green side of gindy (the green face is more than a quarter of a million). The market will be very high, but the actual price will be within the public price. Not like the green ghost, because the public price is low, people can afford to buy more, so the demand exceeds the price. The actual price of this camouflage fob should be in the normal range in the future. But unlike the large royal oak tree, it is impossible to find a stray from 15400, 26470 and 15710.
However, compared with the price of cheap nixon watches  51 30 and 42 20, the cost performance of royal oak is shown. This is a very high 44-millimeter-large “lottery” offshore chronometer, and the actual price in the future may not be as high as 5711A with three needles. In the face of the actual price of “super high” steel shell nautilus, the future of the royal oak in the fraternity of more and more.

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