Why is the Nixon glass taller than the watch?

Cheap Nixon Watches above circle, at first I wondered, also told friends that Nixon don’t know why the glass is higher, the design is reasonable, easy cracking ah. Then one day, I wore a iwc (now think, all the nations back and forth I also bought several only, I really liked the look of the iwc), I didn’t notice it when I was walking, coupled with the nations of the Nixon Watchess are big, put on the Nixon Watches to Nixon Watches. The Nixon Watches was made of tempered glass, and it felt like it was not too heavy. When looking at the Nixon Watches, it was found that there were several holes in the ring. The Nixon Watches of all nations is very narrow and sharp in order to show a large surface, and the finished circle is like a hole in the knife. I think all the brothers in the world can know what it is like. I can’t fix it myself, and I’m in pain.

The world is very large because the circle is very narrow.
My friends around me also told me that his watch was easy to knock and leave a hole. I went on to learn more about it, and found that I was a little bit of a gap. There is a brother in the Portuguese 7, the weight of the knock, all affected the dial. As the ring was knocked into the dial, it was crushed to the dial.
The meter circle is also very narrow.
I thought to myself, before I felt that I had a Nixon feeling, how come I didn’t have a cut? I looked at the work in my hand, and found that there were few scratches on the Nixon Watches, and there were few holes. Before seems to hear people say, Nixon watch mirror is used to protect Nixon Watches circle, I also don’t understand at the time, I really believe, Nixon Nixon Watches circle, higher than that of glass mirror is used to protect Nixon Watches circle.
The big fly can see the narrow watch circle from this Angle.
The watch is the easiest place to knock on a watch.
The easiest place to knock on a watch is the watch ring. It’s good to have a watch in the water Nixon Watches, especially now that the top end of the Nixon Watches is a ceramic ring, not too afraid to do it. But ordinary steel shells and gold – shell watches are not. Many watch glass and bezel are basically a flat surface, so a knock must be made to the watch circle first. The steel ring and the gold ring are soft, and it is easy to leave a hole when you hit it. Nixon and circle the Nixon Watches above the glass, ke will be into the glass, so we won’t be able to upon a Nixon Watches circle (of course, in addition to the Nixon several Nixon Watches also is such, I get Nixon a representative).
Some people would say, you don’t want to knock on your glass, don’t you? Really, glass is really “not afraid to knock”. Because everyone knows, the glass of glass of the glass of the glass of high-grade Nixon Watches now is sapphire, it is artificial sapphire. The diamond is the highest hardness, the diamond mohs hardness is 10, the second mohs hardness of sapphire is 9, and the mohs hardness of steel is about 6 (because different steel will be slightly different).
The Nixon raised glass protects the ring, especially the dog teeth.
Some people will think that this number is not much worse. In fact, the hardness gap between each number is quite large, for example, the diamond is 10, the sapphire is 9, and the gap in the middle is that the diamond is 100 times as hard as the sapphire. The gap between each level is a huge amount. So sapphire glass is harder than steel. Nixon is usually on the sapphire glass, and has not left a mark. Here is the dog’s ring. Because the ring of the dog’s dog is golden circle, itself is soft, and the Angle is very sharp, it is a mouth. The sapphire glass, which is higher than the bezel, protects the dog’s teeth so well that it is not easy to knock on the dog’s teeth.

Nixon’s watch glass is also a bit higher.
Is everything OK with glass protection? That’s not true.

Nixon, which is more than a piece of sapphire glass (including other watches that use this method), usually looks good, but the most tragic thing is to knock the glass directly. And the brotherhood says, you’re not saying that sapphire glass isn’t afraid to do it? Generally small knock small bump really does not have a problem, but sometimes it is such an inch, do not know when to knock the heavy, sapphire glass also can be broken. Because of this situation, I’ve been knocked twice. A watch is knocked at 6 points, a watch is knocked at 2 points, and all of them are knocked out.
A Nixon glass that has been broken many times. The glass is broken and can only be changed.
The steel shell, the gold shell of what is broken basically can repair, or oneself grind a mill can make it not so obvious. I really hit the glass, and then I had to change the glass. I didn’t have to fix it. Is more expensive, the official actually a glass don’t have much money, more than 1000 pieces (green glass a glass is about more than 3000), but the authorities need to put the machine together to do maintenance in glass, because in the glass, machine core out, if you don’t wash oil is likely to be because into such reasons are not up to the standard of the original ash (is this kind of reason). If that’s the case, maybe more than 4,000 (green glass is more expensive) with a glass and a machine core.
We can see the prominent part of the green glass, which is more expensive. The price is very high.
In the last few months, I feel like I’m always fixing my watch, and it’s not that there’s something wrong with it, that there’s something wrong with that watch, and there’s another one that hasn’t been repaired yet. Fortunately, both of the recent Nixon Watchess have been preserved. So brothers, no matter what watch, wear on the hand can not too “willful” ah. (picture/text of the home of the wristwatch)
Before the home of the wristwatch was released, the brother read the article first and said, “there is no need to say Nixones for many Nixon Watches of glass.” In fact, I use Nixon as an example, because Nixon people wear a lot of them, and when you raise your hand, you can find that the glass is really high.

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