In March 2018, Swiss watch exports were up 4.8 percent year on year

According to figures released yesterday by the Swiss watch industry federation (FH), Swiss watch exports rose 4.8 per cent year-on-year to 1.67 billion Swiss francs in March 2018. Exports continued to rise in March, but at a slower pace than in the previous two months. In the first quarter of 2018, Swiss watch exports grew 10.1 per cent year on year, the highest quarterly increase since June 2012.

In terms of export volume, the precision steel watch (+7.2%) had a significant impact on the statistical results of march, while the gold wristwatch (+3.1%) was only half the increase compared with the previous year, while the precious metal watch (+0.0%) was basically unchanged. After two months ‘increase, the export volume is affected by the other material watches (-19.1%), which will balance the whole in the first quarter of 2018.

Product exports export price is lower than 500 Swiss francs (7.8%) (10.5%) are down, and exports export prices between 500 to 3000 Swiss francs products strong exports (exports + 13.0%, + 17.0%), the export price is higher than 3000 Swiss francs products are exports (exports + 1.7%, + 1.7%).

The Hong Kong market in China (+10.2%) has been growing for almost a year. Although still affected by the overall downward trend, the us market (+4.1 per cent) achieved its second global average growth this year. The Chinese mainland market (-6.9 per cent) fell for the first time in 18 months, affected by a negative base effect, but that would not significantly affect the overall trend in the market. The recovery in the Japanese market (+13.3 per cent) was confirmed again. On the one hand, Singapore (+8.4%), Germany (+5.2%), France (+12.6%) and South Korea (+33.5%) each have varying degrees of growth; On the other hand, Italy (-6.4 per cent) and the UK (-22.3 per cent) indicated. The market situation in early 2018 is more challenging.Maybe you are interested in Cheap nixon watches.

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