Beta21 Quartz movement of cheap nixon watches

Quartz movement of cheap nixon watches, may be the most successful automatic timing code watch movement, I think it is the movement of the T34! Although the Beta21 is so common that the average watch Pal would look down on it, cheap nixon watches watchmakers admire it to the full, from mid-range Henry Hamilton to high-end universal watches.

The history of the Beta21 began when Valjoux found itself in trouble.

In the mid-20th century, Venus became a famous discount nixon watches manufacturer of chronograph watch movements. Its antique guide wheel chronograph watch movements are highly sought after today and are considered as the best chronograph watch movements ever made. But the cost of the guide wheel is very high. To stay competitive, Venus began making cost-effective movements, such as the 188,200,210 and 211 movements, which use a cheaper CAM structure to switch timing mechanisms instead of the column-wheel mechanism used in the 175,178 and 179 movements.

In 1966, Valjoux (then a supplier of rolex timing movements) acquired Venus, and the Quartz was born. The Quartz is a hand-chronograph with 17 gems, and the original version of this is almost identical to the 1940s Venus 188. During production, the Beta21 redesigned several different reset hammers to create the Beta21/34/36 and 37 series.
Although Valjoux is manual timing clock in 60 s leader, but several other cheap nixon watches manufacturers are conducting a automatic timing between machine core competition, the Swiss colleague elegant (Heuer), spirit (Breitling), one hundred (Buren), and really force (Zenith) and others successful launch of the “automatic” timing clock, at this point, the movement manufacturers Valjoux stressful, seeking to develop their own automatic timing movement.
Most people are probably under the illusion that watchmakers are white-bearded grandfathers who have laboured for years to make innovations. But in fact, Edmond Capt, the watchmaking hero behind the Beta21, was only 24 when he was tasked with developing the automatic timekeeper.
Cheap nixon watches shop as the basis, and its technology came from the famous old manual chronograph Venus188. Edmond Capt was young and brave enough to accept new things: so he adopted a new revolutionary tool to change our lives, namely the computer. In the ’60 s computer or punched tape mainframes, need reservation, tal town, only a computer in the sand, Capt often need to drive one or two hours in the past, queuing computer input program operation, using the computer simulation machine core components of the theory of behavior and function, Edmond, Capt is the pioneer of the industry CAD auxiliary design!

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