The design concept of the Beta21

From a manufacturing point of view, cheap nixon watches is made of a single steel Column with a ratchet at the bottom and an accurate vertical steel Column extending upwards. The ratchet teeth allow the wheels to rotate, changing the position of levers that either stay on the posts or slide into the gaps between them. Crucially, it is a one-way rotation. Thus, whenever the timer is started or stopped, it has multiple surfaces engaged to the operating lever. This means that for the timing mechanism to work reliably, the guide wheels must be precisely and perfectly manufactured. Each vertical column (and each gap) must be the same, with very small tolerances.
Visited machine parts production line friends all know that movement of the vast majority of blank parts (gear, plywood, tie rod, etc.) are almost directly machine in sheet metal stamping out small chips (copper), guide pin wheel this three-dimensional three-dimensional structure metal parts in automatic miniature machine (automatic micro machining center) has not yet been born s, means that the artificial processing of heavy and complicated and correction very much!

To ensure reliability and cost containment, Edmond Capt of discount nixon watches has a very simple timetabular mechanism that USES only about 24 parts. The design of the Beta21 use CAM instead of the traditional timing code cheap nixon watches guide wheel, this is basically stamping out three steel CAM riveted together, processing is convenient, easy to produce, the structure is more reliable, more solid and more easy to manufacture!

In order to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance, cheap nixon watches shop minimizes the number of splints and screws. The main body of the movement is made up of the main board, polishing board and timing roof. Can use a 3/4 big splint to solve, never use 3, 4 small splint fixed; There is no old movement of the kind from the pocket watch era, although beautiful but quite a lot of work when the small strip splint. It has 147 basic parts, almost half the 280 of Zenith’s El Primero!
Ordinary people are easy to be complex movement of discount nixon watches four or five hundred parts number to confuse, but the number of mechanical parts reduced, must be significantly increased reliability! For example, one of the big improvements in rolex’s timing movement from 4030 to 4130 is a 20% reduction in the number of parts!

One-way up chain design, only in a lifting direction to provide tension on the tension spring. This saves the second gear shift, while the relatively heavy large rotor ensures reliable lift. Can say its automaton reliability is very high!

In addition, the Beta21 of cheap nixon watches designed by Edmond Capt improves the vibration frequency to 28,800 VPH, giving consideration to the service life and accuracy.

Valjoux Beta21: same script, different actors
The Beta21 was launched on July 1, 1974, at the height of the discount nixon watches quartz crisis, and 100,000 were sold that year. But the quartz crisis of the same period meant that by 1975 sales had fallen sharply. At this point, Valjoux decided to stop making the Beta21 altogether and, in a strange twist, sent Capt instructions to destroy all the tools and drawings. In defiance of this command, Capt, like Zenith’s Charles Vermot, stashed away drawings and molds (it’s not clear exactly where, but it could have been in the attic), probably didn’t believe there was a future for mechanical timepieces!

In the 1980s, the world began to demand automatic timepieces, and by 1985 Valjoux (now owned by the ETA group) was ready to relaunch the automatic timepiece. Capt has everything for them – a durable and inexpensive Beta21 movement complete with drawings and molds. The brands in the whole industry can hardly resist the temptation of Beta21. Within two years, the annual production of ETABeta21 reaches up to 200,000, which has lasted till now!
Third, the drawings and molds are readily available, too many excellent movement after the quartz crisis after the loss of its production facilities are not even residual residue.

Since the Renaissance, the Valjoux Beta21 has become one of the most successful and trusted automatic chronograph movements on the market. Pick up anything you like in one hundred, the tissot and elegant timing clock, these watches are likely to be provided by the ordinary edition or improved Valjoux Beta21 movement, on the other hand, due to the Beta21 really good structure, many brands to change the complicated watches based machine core – even with Beta21 large complex is one of the most famous of all nations in the 90 s’ war colts’. Today, Valjoux is part of ETA, which is owned by the swatch group, a large conglomerate in the watch industry, which does ensure a cheap nixon watches future for the movement manufacturers.

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